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Nacho/Burrito Bar
Your site is so helpful! I think I've gotten all the information I need but was wondering if I could run my amounts by you to make sure I've calculated correctly. I am going shopping in the morning, so I hope you get this before then and have a chance to reply. Thanks in advance!

Nacho/Burrito Bar and Fruit Tray/Salad for 75

ground beef--20 lbs.
beans--10 lbs.
corn tortilla chips--18 lbs.
flour tortillas--150
nacho cheese sauce--5 gallons OR 2 #10 cans
shredded cheese--5 lbs.
sour cream--5 lbs (or 1 gallon)
salsa-6 lbs (or 1 gallon)
shredded lettuce--4 lbs.
sliced jalapenos--4 lbs.
chopped onions--3 lbs.
chopped tomatoes--5 lbs.
sliced black olives--4 lbs.
fruit salad/tray (bought pre-made in bulk)--28 lbs.

Looks fine except the nacho cheese sauce and the lettuce.

nacho cheese sauce--5 gallons OR 2 #10 cans- it is 2 #10 cans, which is only 1 1/2 gallons

lettuce- double this as some folks will make taco salads. Add a quart of ranch dressing