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Graduation Party for 350 people
My menu consist of:
Barbque chicken
Baked Spagetti
Green beans
Toss Salad
Dinner Rolls

I have 50lb of Chicken,40lb of meatballs 20lb of ground beef for spagetti. I have 4lbs of spagetti noodles. Will this be enough and how much green beans and salad should I purchase for 350 people?

As you may have suspected, you don't have enough food for 350 people. You lack about 100 meat servings (see the plan for 100 page to select another 100 people's worth of meats. You need about 30 pounds of dry pasta to make your spaghetti. You need at least 75 pounds ready to cook green beans, and for salad, see the plan for 100 salad section and use 3 1/2 times the amount for 100. If it is mostly teens, add garlic bread 8-10 pounds per 100.