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We are having a squadron picnic for 300-350 people (mostly adults). Our meats are hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, and chicken breasts. Our sides are potato salad, coleslaw, and baked beans. People are asked to bring chips or a dessert. We are also providing sodas. I'm not sure how much to prepare of anything. Can you give me some ideas on amounts? Thanks Barb
hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, chicken breast
If this is self service, you must allow 1 burger PLUS 1/2 hot dog (Polish sausage is MUCH tastier) PLUS 3 ounces boneless chicken or 6 ounces bone in PLUS 1/2 pound (no kidding) ribs FOR EACH PERSON. Plus sufficient rolls.

Beverages covered in detail on the beverage planning page, the sides are in the table at the bottom of the plan for 100 page, the sandwich condiments are on the sandwich planning page. If you want, you can post your estimates and I will check them for you.

Here is the amounts I came up with.
Hamburgers - 350
hot dogs - 175
ribs - 175 lbs
boneless chicken breast - 65 lbs
potato salad - 15 gallons
cole slaw - 11 gallons
beans - 10 gallons
does this sound about right? we purchased cans of sodas and figured 1 1/2 can per person.
Looks pretty good. Use the sandwich event page for help on condiments. You might add 10 gallons of iced tea- 2/3 sweet. 1/3 unsweet.