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Need help with menu for Birthday Party Poolside
Hi Ellen,

I've been asked to cater a birthday party by poolside. Guestlist will be 100-150 including kids. Not working with a budget. The event is from 3pm-12am in June. I'm having a hard time selecting items. So far my menu consists of:

Grilled Chicken
Watermelon Fruit Basket
Mini Shrimp Cocktail Martini's
Pineapple and Steak Shishkabobs
Grilled Corn on the Cob
Grilled Asparagus Bacon Wraps
Devil Eggs
Potato Salad
Hot Dogs
Grilled Turkey Burgers
Baked Beans

Is this too much variety? Should I trimp back?

Shannon, hi,
This is a 9 hour event and needs to be viewed for food purposes as a group of events;
snacks 3- 5/6
dinner 5/6- 7/8
cake about 7-9
party/dance about 9-12

Each stretch of time would have a different array of foods.

Also, are you doing the set up, serving and clean up, and how much help do you have? Are you staffing the grill? The grill alone will take 2 full people for the main time of the party.

What you also need to tell me is whether this is expected to be a "come and go" or whether most of the guests will stay for 5-6 hours. If it is come and go, most people will stay about 2 hours. The usual split on timing if it is not come and go, is families with kids come from about 3-9. Adult guests for 5/6 to midnight. This very much affects the amount of food.

Also, is alcohol being served, and if yes, what?

If it were me, I would have a dessert bar in addition to the cake for the folks who are not there at cake time.

Write back.

Thats a good idea allocating the food in that manner. Yes I am setting up and breaking down. Right now I have I other person assisting me. I was thinking about grilling the chicken the night before since that will take the longest so I would only have to grill burgers and hot dogs the day of. That was I can manage that part.

The party is a come and go party. So how much food should I prepare (meats and sides) for this type of atmoshpere?

As far as alcohol, Im not sure because Im not supplying it so Im not sure if she is supplying this.