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Nesco 12 qt Convection Oven
Jocelyn Alldredge
I just found your site, it's awesome! Thanks.

I'm tying to convert a recipe from oven baking toa 12 qt nesco. I need to sear 4 to 6 - 1" thick center loin chops sprinkled with paprika, then top with 1 cup uncooked rice, a 1# can of diced tomatoes (drained, reserving juice), 1 sliced (into rings) green pepper, 1 lg onion also sliced into rings. Top with reserved juice diluted with water to equal 1-2 cups liquid. Seal and cook @ 350 for 1 hour.

Can I sear the chops @ 425 with the fan on, then turn off the fan and reduce to 350 for the rest?
Will the rice cook?

The Nesco has its coils around the side and the one thing it doesn't do too well is brown/sear. I would do that in a frying pan. The rest can definitely be done in the Nesco. However, it is not a large enough volume to cook directly in the pan. Put it in a casserole dish that will fit in the Nesco, preheat the Nesco, and treat it like a regular oven.