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wedding reception for approx. 150 people
I am planning a wedding reception for approx. 150 people.
Would it be ok to serve Baked ham, potato salad, baked bean, coleslaw and rolls?

I am open to any menu suggestions.

If this is an informal type wedding, this would be an OK menu, but it is not very festive. I would add some great appetizers including maybe fruit trays, one or two tasty veggies (maybe one would be a veggie casserole) and a vegetarian entree; with 350 people you are going to need one for all the folks who don't eat ham. You want to plan beverages and coffee. Maybe a dessert bar in addition to the cake.
Sheila Gillmore
I am cooking for 140 wedding reception and I have multiple side dishes including, potaoe salad, macaroni salad, pasta salad, baked beans, chili and green salad. I see your portions for side dishes, however I wonder how do the portions change when you have multiple side dishes?
For this set of sides, they don't, except that you would do only 1/2 the mac and 1/2 the pasta salad, since they are basically the same food. You might do 2/3 the green salad since you also have slaw. I am not familiar with chili as a side dish, but allow at least 1/2 cup per person; some will take none, some will take much more.
crystal hammond
wedding reception for 150, 30 of guests are 1yr to 15 yrs! how many tri tip roasts and pork loins would i need? same as alfredo, red potatoes, squash, rolls, cheese n meat platters? having a salad bar station, amount i need for ingredients? plus is there anything else i would need? thanks
Since the kids are mixed and teens eat more while toddlers and preschoolers eat less, I would probably estimate for 140 to 150, unless it is mostly little kids. I would do 1 pound raw beef per each 3 PLUS 1 pound raw pork per each 5, if you are planning the meat and cheese platters as appetizers. If the platters are a third entree, do enough for 50 (see the sandwich event page) and cut back each of the others about 1/6th.

Salad toppings, see the baked potato bar for help on the amounts for toppings.

alfredo, red potatoes, squash, rolls, see the plan for 100 page and the lotsa pasta page. Do alfredo style pasta for about 100 from the lotsa past page. Do about 30 pounds of potatoes. The rest are copvered on the plan for 100 page.

You need to see the beverage planning page and read the wedding dinner article.