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Mixed Light Appetizers for 100
Do you know the approx cost per person for just the cost of the food itself, for your "Mixed Light Appetizers for 100" Menu? I know the specific types of dips, cheese etc will make a difference but in general.

My customers have a budget of $950 including my time and I don't know if I can make light apps for 250 people for $950. It's a 4 hour party 1-5 pm with a mix of adults and a few kids. They want all the food dropped off ahead of time and they will take it from there.

Any thoughts on cost?

Thank you for all the helpful info on your site.

A 4 hour party? This requires 16-20 "bites" per person and the usual charge for catered bites of all kinds is $1 per bite, in other words, a party this long for this many people would have a food budget of $2000-$2500. I couldn't do it for 250 for this budget, nowhere close.
I've been ask to prepare lite finger foods for 200 for an Company open house. they ask for Fruit trays, veggie trays, small pastries and one appetizer for $500. How much food do I need also what would you charge?
Well, aren't they the optimists. Darrell, you couldn't buy this readymade at costco for that price. Are you donating your services? Catered, the usual works out to about $1 per person per item, so you would be looking at around $1000 for this... You can write back.