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wedding reception
I am planning a wedding reception for approx. 175 people.

I am considering baked ham, salad, green beans, potatoes and bread.

How would I fix the potatoes or is there an easier menu to fix?

Thank you

Baked potatoes, scalloped potatoes or cheesy hash browns would all fit this menu and are easy to prepare. Mashed potatoes are also an option.
Mary Nierlich
We are making the food for our daughters wedding reception, and need to know how to keep bonless ham, hot,..any suggestions?
How would I make a broth for it?
There are several good soup bases that are "ham base". My favorite is made by "better than broth". High end groceries and most restaurant supply stores carry this.
We are wanting to have pork loin at a wedding reception. What foods would we serve with it?
Penny, this depends a lot on how many people and what type of kitchen, what range of budget, also whether this is plated or buffet. Write back.
This will be for approx. 175 people, I would be preparing everything but the pork loin in a normal kitchen and it will be buffet. I really don't have a set budget but would not want anything real expensive.
Penny, IMO this is not a possible entree choice for a regular kitchen for this many people. One regular kitchen can do a buffet for 60 people with care and good planning, definitely not 175.

You have several options;

1) reduce the guest list to 60-80
2) have a portion of the menu drop off catered (the company delivers but does not set up or serve.)
3) Schedule the ceremony for 1 PM or 7 PM so you can do a reception-type or dessert buffet reception, not a full meal.
4) Change the menu. Could be a simple Tex Mex buffet or something like the champagne lunch for 25 (do 7 times the amounts), where most of the foods are cold or room temp and are prepared ahead.
5) Rent a licensed commercial kitchen (might be at a church or school) and deal with storage and transport of the food.


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