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Many salads-- how much of each?
Wedding reception buffet dinner for 50. Will have a couple of appetizers passed, then buffet with grilled salmon, rolls and cheese plate. There will also be a large chocolate dessert buffet. Because it will be warm, outdoors, and cooking facilities are limited, the only hot food we are serving is the salmon. So in addition to what is listed above, we are having several salads: baby greens w/ strawberries and flowers, spinach-pesto, marinated cherry tomatoes, fruit, potato, and pasta. The potato and pasta salads I will be buying from a fancy deli. I don't know how to figure the quantities with so many of them. So I have two questions: how many pounds of the potato and pasta should I buy and how many pounds of greens, spinach, tomatoes and fruit should I buy to make the others.


Actually, chilled salmon would be delicious and correct that time of year, if that appeals to you.

This is about what I would do:
baby greens w/ strawberries and flowers, spinach-pesto,
Total, about 8 pounds

marinated cherry tomatoes, 4 pounds

fruit, use 1/2 the amount for 100 on the plan for 100 page.

potato and pasta salad total about 2 gallons potato, 1 1/2 gallons pasta

Hello Ellen,

I like the chilled salmon idea, but my brother-in-lay is keen to be the grillmaster, and grilled salmon is popular here in the Pacific Northwest, so I think I stick with that.

Thanks so much for your suggestions on the quantities! This takes a load off my mind and will also allow me to figure out cost.

Happy New Year!