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pulled chicken plate for 300
OK, I have researched your wonderful site for quite a while to get my numbers correct. Can I run this by you? We are boiling chicken leg quarters to make pull apart for BBQ sandwiches (because it is the cheapest cut and stays together nicely). I think I need between 200-240 pounds of leg quarters. What would you buy? I am unsure how much sauce. I am also getting 10 gallons of coleslaw and 10 gallons of baked beans. We are also adding chips on the side so about 18 pounds of those. We are serving the plates so it is not a buffet. Am I getting all this correct or not? Thanks for your time.
You did well. I would get 5 40 pound cases if I were sure there would not be more than 300. The other sides will be OK if you serve with measuring cups (1/2 cup servings) and are careful with the chips- 1 ounce per person is the size of one of those little lunch type bags. Slaw is cheap and since you are not serving potato salad, you might want to go to 13-14 gallons.

If you cook and shred the chicken ahead and store it in the baggies in the sauce, it absorbs some of the sauce, which is good for both flavor and weight.

You want at least 1/4 cup sauce per person.

Do you think it is that much cheaper to make the slaw myself compared to buying it already prepared. It would save us a huge amount of time to not have to cut up the cabbabe, etc. This is a fund raiser for our school. Thanks for the info you give. It helped me figure this out and I appreciate it.
Compare the cost of boneless skinless thighs; it would take 3 cases (120 pounds) rather than the 5 cases of quarters.
If you can get LARGE amounts of pre-shredded slaw inexpensively, it is practical.
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