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How do you plan when people don't RSVP?
My daughter's wedding is October 24 and people haven't RSVP yet. I guess people don't understand the importance. Anyway, how many do I plan for? Do I just take a percentage of the number that was invited? I don't want to run out of food, but I don't want huge amounts of leftovers either.
Somewhere between 60-80 percent is the general percentage.
You can plan some items that can remain frozen or be stored and used later. Usually, you see how many are at the wedding and make an emergency call to the kitchen manager you have hired to help that day (you have arranged that important helper, haven't you?)
I am self-catering and have a super wonderful family (sister, sister-in-law, and niece) who are my kitchen help. I plan to label all the containers so they will know when something is running low. (example: seafood dip, 1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc.) I posted my menu months ago and you looked over my numbers. I've planned for 100. It is a young crowd and maybe they just don't know what RSVP means so I will plan on 80% of those invited. I've been amazed at how many people think it means, respond if you are not coming. I've explained that I would have indicated Regrets Only if that is what I had wanted! I think the stress is starting to get to me. (haha)
Connie, regrets only doesn't seem to work either. The only thing I have seen that worked was evite-s or actually putting "In order to plan the menu, we must hear from you by -date-"
We have a wedding website for RSVP and that didn't work either.
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