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How many pounds of asparagus for 400 people
I am catering a wedding reception for 400 people and wondering how many lbs of asparagus I need. Also, I am doing 250 hamburgers and need to know the amount of tomatoes for those, along with a caprese salad for 250. Thanks so much!
Kristen, as I have explained many times, this is a site for home cooks and other amateurs, and I recommend that pros and would be pros check out chef2chef.com. You can figure the hamburger condiments from the sandwich event page condiment table. You need about 23-25 pounds edible portion (EP) for asparagus for 100, so the amount you purchase depends on how well trimmed the asparagus is- the amount as purchased (AP) is listed in the vegetable plan for 100 table. For the salad, you have to make one, weighing the various ingredients, and multiply; there is too much variation on this dish to give a set answer.
You need 4 chefs and more than 20 servers for this size party if buffet, even more if plated.
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