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Hot Dogs & Hamburgers for 150
I was wondering how much of each of the following I need to feed 150 people.
Hot Dogs
Potato Salad
Pasta Salad(vingerette)
Baked Beans
about 100 will be hungry men.
Hot Dogs & Hamburgers for 150
Count this as 175 and use 1 3/4 the amounts for 100 in the plan for 100 lists, these foods are covered. Allow 165 patties, switch to polish sausage or kielbasa and allow about 150 of these, then use the condiments list on the sandwich planning page for this. CHILI topping would be a big hit- you would want about 2 1/2 gallons.
Hot Dogs & Hamburgers for 150
Thank you for responding. I have never done anything this big before and just want to get it right. So here's what I understand. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Hamburgers - 165 patties
HotDogs/Sausages - 150
Potato & Pasta Salad - 5 gal. each
Baked Beans - 5 gal.
Chili - 2 1/2 gal.
The way I figured this was 175 people (like you said?) I went to 100 list and I'm not sure I understood about the Salads. I guess where I'm confused is, do we need this much if we are having all these choices? If we are only having one salad then I would need more. The company I'm doing this for doesn't want Chili for the Hot Dogs or Tomatoe for the Burgers (weird to me!) What do you think?
Thanks again for your help.
Hot Dogs & Hamburgers for 150
This is what you need with this menu and these salads. You should be OK. Give them the costs with and without the tomatoes and the chili-
Hot Dogs & Hamburgers for 20
how much hamburger and how many hot will be need for group of this size
Hot Dogs & Hamburgers for 150
Basically, 1 patty PLUS 1 sausage/dog per person, plus 10%. Changes a little depending on age of group and sides-
Hamburgers for 500
We have the meat and buns, but I need to know how many pounds of lettuce, tomato, and onion we would need for 500 hamburgers? Help!
Hot Dogs & Hamburgers for 150
On the sandwich event page (button at the top of the main cooktalk page), there is a table on toppings and condiments for 100 people for sandwiches. That should do it for you. If not, write back.
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