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Our Church is thinking about opening a soup kitchen maybe twice a week because of the economy and hunger in our area. We have a small church so funds are limited. Could you please give me some ideas on healthy, and hardy, but frugal recipes just to fill a hungry tummy. Things that are quick or might be made ahead of time and frozen. I am thinking approx. 100 people a week to start. I will need to stretch that meat pretty thin with fillers. Thank you so much
Helen, first read my article on hospitality when planning large meals. Then see the sections called basic budget entrees in Big Pots. Then look into having your church sponsor a local pickup for


Which provides much moe than a meal with some dignity.

Hi Ellen, Our church also feeds the Brwd Co. Outreach Center twice a month, God willing, every weekend soon. It certainly does take alot of dedicated people servinc the Lord. This week I'm doing dessert, the faithful church social " Cocoa Cola Cake " I think I have perfected the recipe by merely doubling the original. However, my Question - at 40 min / 350* for a 9x13 pan if I use the very large aluminum pan with the doubled rec. how long do you think it should bake?? This is the GREATEST web site, certainly a blessing for me and you have really gourmet recipes for sure. I would be very happy to share any we have tried. We to cook for apx 150, mostly men but women and children too. Your Peach cobbler was a great hit and for Easter we are doing Cuban pulled pork,(very economical from Sams)
with Spanish red beans and rice.As you both know this takes alot of very dedicated people seving the Lord. God bless you both for your service!
Because the extra large pan keeps the cake about the same thickness, it will cook in about the same time- maybe a few minutes more- the old "toothpick to check the center" trick should work fine.
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