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Indian Buffet for 100
I am putting on a fund raiser for 100 guests and am making an Indian Buffet.
Can you help me with how many pounds of meat or chicken I should provide and how many cups of rice?
Thanks ever so much!
How much meat you need depends on the menu- for example tandoori chicken and a beef curry are different from saag paneer and curried vegetables. Write back with more information.
Ellen- thanks a lot -
I am serving :

Chicken Tikka Maasala
South Indian Shrimp Curry
Lamb Vindaloo
Basmsati Rice
and 2 fire eaters!
I really appreciate your help as I have never cooked for so many :-)
This is a costly menu for a fundraiser- unless it is a fancy one with high price tickets. I would add at least 2 vegetable dishes such as the saag paneer, potato and pea curry, or mixed vegetable curry, allowing 1/2 cup of each per person.

If you go with just the meat dishes, you will need 1 pound of frozen shrimp for each 5 people PLUS 1 pound raw boneless lamb for each 4 people, PLUS 1 (small) piece of chicken for each person as these are very desirable meats and almost everyone will take some of each. If you add the vegetable dishes, you can add one more person to each pound. You still need the 1 piece of chicken per person.

Thanks a lot!
This is a great help to me.
I am buying the food as a contribution to my daughters school that needs money and we are selling the tickets at $50 a head.I have access to the hall kitchen and will cook in there. If you had a minute would you be kind enough to help suggest a stagectic plan for the cooking...
Cooking ahead and storage ...
I appreciate your help and will try your Saag Paneer this weekend ! THANKS FOR THE ADVICE


Casey, you are asking for help beyond the scope of this board, and your comment about not having done this for so many before worries me. With your current menu you may be looking at $1000 easily for just the food costs. Email me separately at the contact address for updates at the bottom of the page. Tell me:

Day/date of the event
How many you HAVE cooked for
How many helpers you will have and what is their experience
How many burners and ovens you will have
How sophisticated is your audience in terms of Indian food- well to do Los Angelenos or Cincinnati Catholics? For example, the vindaloo is traditionally a very hot dish and I might have other suggestions for a less experienced audience.
Will the service be plated and served to the table, plated Indian style in small bowls on a tray, self service buffet, or what?
What beverages will be served.
What your plans are for desserts- there are many WONDERFUL ones that can be made ahead, and not too expensive to make. These could be used with a somewhat lighter menu.