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beef and noodles for 400
We are making beef and noodles for 400 people for our church easter drama dinner theater. Pleeeeeease HELP
Brett what help do you need? There is a page on how much pasta, the lotsa pasta page. There is a guide to how much beef on the plan for 100 page; there is a beverage planning page and a dessert planning page.

You need a commercial size kitchen, about 25 server/cleanup volunteers and about 5 cooks. They all need to read the food safety article. You can have volunteers bring in desserts and possibly salads and breads/rolls. You want to keep the hot foods under your control/ supervision.

Beef and noodles can be done as a casserole and baked, the easiest, or the noodles made separately and help with the beef ladled over.

If you make a shopping list, I will check it for you.