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fish fry buffet for 350 people
My church is planning to have a fish fry buffet style. Our menu consists of:
fried walleye,
fried catfish,
chicken fingers,
popcorn shrimp
cole slaw,
potato salad,
baked beans,
apple sauce
Do you have any suggestions of how much of each we should fix???
Appreciate your input !!
Is this a self serve line or are you serving or plating, and if plating does everyone get the same plate? Write back.
Who serves makes a big difference, especially on the shrimp.
Jeannine Perkins
fish fry for approx. 600 all u can
The Shiners is having a "All You Can Eat Fish" for approx. 600 people. Serving cold slaw; chicken also; ham and beans; fried potato's; corn bread; apple sauce. How muchof each do we need to cook? The Shiners will be serving. No carryouts and all use the same size plate. Shiners is an organizztion for the Shiners Children's Hospital. If you can help me plan how we need it would be wonderful.
thank you, Jeannine 09-25-2011 (for 10-28-2011)
Here is what I would do, assuming evrybody is serving him or herself:

cole slaw- 3 gallons per 100 (about 22 pounds cabbage)

chicken- 1 piece per person
fried fish- 1 pound raw fish per 3 people
ham and beans- is this an entree or side dish? anyway, about 8 pounds beans and 3 pounds ham per 100

fried potatoes- 4 ounces per person

corn bread- 1 large piece (1/8 of a 9x13 pan) per person

apple sauce- 1/2 cup per person