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Meatloaf in a 18qt nesco
Has anyone cooked meatloaf in a 18qt nesco? I need to serve 30-40 and looking for an easy way to get around cooking individual pans.
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You can do this but there are a few necessities to avoid a "boiled in oil" outcome (think about all the fatty dripping in the standard loaf pan), and so you can get the loaf out when it is done. Just like crock cooker meat loaf.

You put fine racks across the bottom, so the drippings can drain.

You use 90% lean or leaner beef (normal burger is 70) to drastically reduce the amount of drippings.

You use reduced fat ground pork or pork sausage.

You make a firm mixture with the bread and egg, so you can shape the loaf to leave an inch of space from the wall in every direction.

You use a meat thermometer to make SURE the middle of the loaf goes to 180. But then take it out; if you go to 200 you will lose a lot more juices.

Be careful to thoroughly PAM the cookwell with the new high heat grilling spray, but get an unflavored one.

By the way, a 6 quart crock will do a 6-8 pound meatloaf.

How long would you cook the meatloaf for that many people in the roaster oven?
Julie, you have to preheat the oven. From there it depends on the weight of the loaf; you allow about 15 to 20 minutes per pound at 350 for the large loaves, start checking with the meat thermometer at 15. It also depends on whether the loaf has been refrigerated and is cold all the way through, which adds up to 40 minutes to the cooking time.
When it reaches 180, you either take it out or tuen down to 180.