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Keeping 150 flour tortillas warm
Ellen, what's the best way to keep 150 flour tortillas warm for up to an hour and a half, so that they neither dry out nor get stuck together? I will have access to a sterno/steam warming pan during food service, and also -- during setup time -- an oven. Thanks!
Got me, kid! Here in Texas we don't try to hold them like that...

You can check my thread currently dated 8/8/08, below, called "warming and holding flour tortillas".

There is a company that makes canned corn tortillas that puts a piece of food grade parchment/wax paper a bit smaller that the tortilla between every tortilla. When you use these, you wrap the stack of a dozen tightly in foil after spritzing lightly with water, leaving the papers in place. If you do not like the method above, you might experiment with this method before the big event.

Thanks, Ellen. Sorry I missed the earlier thread!
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