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Wedding Shower quantities
Pat Baker
I need help with food quantities for a wedding shower for 80 people.'
We are having a large meal salad topped with a grilled chicken breast. I do not know how to calculate how much I need in the way of salad greens for a large plate of salad. Also quantities for toppings on the salad, i.e. cucumbers, grape tomatoes, green pepper, red onion, chopped eggs, shredded cheese, sunflower seed and croutons.
We are also having penne pasta w/marinara for vegetarians to go with a side salad.
How much salad dressing, how many choices?
Also fruit platter quantities with cantelope, strawberries and grapes.
If you have the ziti, more people will want more. May I suggest you use the salad for everybody and add more sliced/chopped hard-cooked eggs and then non-meat sliced deli slices or un-chicken or un-ham(available in most places in the produce department).

The usual for a really full plate lunch is a TOTAL of 15-18 ounces. So allow about 5 ounces for the meats, 5 ounces other toppings, and 5 ounces of greens. For dressings for 80 ladies:

24 ounces Lite Ranch salad dressing
24 ounces French or blue cheese salad dressing
24 ounces Italian/balsamic/raspberry salad
24 ounces lite Italian dressing

By the way, look on the plan for 100 page for some info on croutons, then look at the veggie tray page for helps on weights/amounts for the various veggies.
I have a 12x18 rectangular baking pan. I need to know how many pieces of cake do I get out of this pan. I need at lease for 30 people.


This is the eqivalwnt of 2 9x13 pans, dine for 30.