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custard-like silken tofu
Can you please tell me how to make the above referenced silken tofu using the 50 oz. soymilk I get from my soymilk maker?

I've tried it twice using the directions in the Book of Tofu, but my soymilk/tofu still wants to coagulate, and it's not supposed to, it's supposed to be creamy..any help you can offer will be very appreciated. Marianne

Hi, Marianne,

As I understand it, commercial silken tofu uses a coagulant that is not usual. You might try the epson salt or lemon juice variations in my tofu directions- it will coagulate, but will be quite soft, and the less you drain the softer it will be. For a critical company recipe, you can purchase the aseptic packages- they are often on sale and are all silken type. Good luck- Ellen

In New York City Chinatown (Manhattan) we bought and ate, on the street, a custard-like product made from soy milk. It was sweetened with a syrup supplied in a separate small plastic container. I would like to know the name and recipe of this soy custard. Thanks, in advance, for any information. I crave this stuff and I don't live in or near New York anymore. -- Lisa
I would love, love, love a recipe on how to make this custard like silken tofu! I can't even locate bittern in NYC! I have asked all the japanese stores and they carry it occasionally at best. Help please!!

Hi, Josh,

Bittern is the seawater coagulant Japanese tofu often uses, the macrobiotic food company that sells all the macrobiotic supplies does make it (I am sorry, but can't remember the brand name, they make miso, dried veggies and mushrooms, salted plums, etc). So try some natural food groceries, too.

You can order this on line, too. Also there are several other coagulants, see my article on tofu and soymilk making for some sources. Epsom salts and the acid coagulants such as lemon juice and vinegar make a softer tofu.



I think this custard is called tofu-fah. The coagulant is nigari. You can also use calcium suphate. Mind you, I have tried calcium sulphate with not much success; only a very thin layer of custard is formed and the top soya milk is still runny (very frustrating!!) Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong?

I use 1 litre pasturised soya milk; bring to boil; add 1 tablespoon calcium sulphate mixed with hot water + 1 tablespoon corn starch; and leaf to cool in pot.

Shao Qi

It is (hokkien)tou-huey, or ??. :)
Dear Elena,
Calcium sulphate and corn starch should be mixed with cold water
ngoc hanh
can you please tell me the the way to make silken tofu.thanks

As stated above, silken tofu is made by a whole different process. To make it, manufacturers add a commercial enzyme to soy milk, packaging in the sterile boxes and then processing, which is why the nutrient count is so different from reguler tofu. You can't make it at home. Sorry!

Recipes for that light soy custard dessert with syrup are now up at:

It has more than 10 different names across Asia, I talk about them in the article.


Chinese Tofu-Fa from scratch with calcium sulfate
I got the recipe from and I
followed every steps. I mixed the calcium sulfate and corn starch with cold water. The result came out like a syrup type of soy milk.Can you tell me what I have done wrong?Thanks

Rona, I am very sorry you had trouble with this recipe. I am not sure why you had the problem, for wxample, what soy milk did you use? You can increase the coenstarch, but the esxture is more like pudding than custard. Most commercial makers use agar (vegetable gelatin) to stabilize their tofu fa. It thickens but is more like jello than pudding. Here is my page about agar:
Has anyone ever heard of GDL/Lactone. U can buy it from the bakery specialist store. To make tofu fah, mixed 1 teaspoon of Lactone with 1 litre of warm soymilk. It will set in 1 hour. Enjoy!

Thanks judy, this is what is used by many manufacturers. This DOES NOT contain lactose, it is safe for the lactose intolerant.

Glucono-delta-lactone, an excellent acidifier, is used in cheese manufacturing. Glucono delta-lactone (GDL) is a naturally occurring food additive, often made from corn sugar, used as a sequestrant, an acidifier, or a curing, pickling, or leavening agent. GDL is naturally found in honey, fruit juices, and wine; it is used to produce cheese, tofu and to leaven baked goods. Being acidic, it adds a tangy taste to foods, though it has roughly a third of the sourness of citric acid. It is metabolized to glucose; one gram of GDL is equivalent to one gram of sugar.
Erica Kirchner-Dean
I have been trying to make tofu fa according to Ellen's directions for a long long time trying to tweek it here and there and using my SoyaJoy Soymilk Maker. I would appreciate knowing where to get this GDL coagulant and detailed instructions. Can I use already heated soymilk or does it have to be heated soymilk that has not yet been boiled? Any help is appreciated as I have spent many many hours trying to make this wonderful custard without any success. We have used our thermometer and electronic scale, calcium sulphate, agar agar, etc., etc. you name it. I am getting very tired!
i have been making soymilk with a machine from canned beans. The milk comes out alright, but I can't make tofu, no matter how much I cook settle or add coagulant, it still comes out a grainy brown paste. Would you know my error?

They canned beans are already thoroughly cooked and this may cause problems with protein coagulation, which you need for tofu-making, If you have a machine, try raw beans which have been soaked overnight and rinsed before use, these should work fine.
can i use epson salt for tofu?
Yes, this is magnesium sulfate and it is discussed in the tofu making article.
can i use espoon sugar for tofu?
Sorry, Emily, but I don't know what that is.
I am looking for a custard recipie using soy and honey... I have dairy and sugar allergies and miss custard.
Any help deeply appreciated!
(Cookie recipies needed too! Milk/sugar free)
I LOVE custards, too. The tofu cheesecake from Clear Light section might help. If you can still eat eggs, use vanilla soy milk or almond milk in any custard recipe. Then use 1.2 the amount of honey as the sugar is called for and add 1 extra egg yolk to help the texture along. You will be able to get a recipe you like.

Oatmeal type cookies and bars take well to the soy/almond lik and sugar honey substitutions. Crispy cookies are harder...

I have sucessfully made silken tofu, the missing ingredient besides GDL is sweet potato flour.
cch, could you give us detail, please.
i love taho with maple syrup. Taho is the coagulated soya milk that is still hot. It is like custard. Scoop it in a glass and add maple syrup. you will love it.
hi everyone.
i am japanese live in australia so i am making original tofu.

there is amazing products called "hon-tofu" from "House"japanese food company.
the package has soymilk powder with coagulation.
you can make as easy as milo.
i guess lemon does not work for tofu...

or to coagulate, you can find "nigari" in china town or asian grocery. this is traditional making of tofu in japan.
you can make sweeter tofu but its bit trikky to make tofu cause NIGARI hasten to coagulate quickly so you need some experience to get to know the timing and right temperature...
it should not too warm or cool.

but also i found japanese tofu maker using GDL to make silken tofu. that is easy and best.

unfortunately i dont know where i can get one...

I'm from NZ and recently became addicted. I buy from an asian couple selling at the market. They suggested pour over some Highlander Milk (Nestles sweetened condensed milk)which I guess is similar to the above serving with maple syrup. I really need to make my own. Have got the beans, just need to find the coagulant. Anyone had success yet? CCH, how do you incorporate the sweet potato flour?
If you want glucono delta lactone, go to$20.35 for 100g.
That's about 3 ounces.
Try Input glucono delta lactone in search... 18.35 for 100gr. 60.20 for 1kg/1000gr.

The latter price clearly is a bettere price, but do you need 2.2 lbs/35.2 oz ?

I found out this way online using potato starch.

-4 cups soy milk
-1 teaspoon gypsum powder
-1 teaspoon potato starch
-2 teaspoons cornstarch
-3 tablespoons water

pour into gush, cover, sit.

Hi everyone, I've been searching high n low for the recipe for making silken tofu. CCH please share your recipe of how to make silken tofu. Thanx a million.
True silken tofu can't be made at home, it is actually manufactured in the little box using enzymes. Still, you may be able to get the texture you are looking for with one of the readers' recipes...
What can you use silken tofu for?
Great for custards and pies, smoothies, all kinds of creamy desserts.
Why do citric acid and lemon juice produce softer tofu while vinegar and calcium sulphate produce firm tofu and why do the colours of the tofu differ?
Zione, the beans differ and some (such as the lemon juice) have a mild bleaching effect. Lots of technical info at the University of Illinois soy center link, link on the soymilk and tofu making page.