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recipes for teens
I'm looking for recipes to make on a mexico missions trip for 50 teenagers.

Yikes. Please email tp the address below with details on cooking and storage facilities, budget, length of trip, etc
hi im trying to find out what to make for my sweet 16!! There will be a lot of people there and i want to make something that is easy, good, and something that teens will like!! Please email me at navybrat1031@hotmail.com
Thanx for your help!

If this is a mixed group of boys and girls, consider something like a taco buffet, where everyone can make tacos, taco salad, etc, with and without meat for all tastes. Also, relatively inexpensive and easy to serve and keep hot. If you likethe idea, email me the number of guests and I will try to help you with amounts.

Other options; baked chicken or sauasage spaghetti or lasagna. Baked potato bar. Check out whethwr there are any school cafeteria meals people actually like for other ideas.

And happy birthday!


naida cadwallader
I'm working on a cookbook for incoming freshmen ....easy, healthy, simple step recipe ideas welcomed. Thank you, Naida

Oh how well I remember MY first cooking in the dorm room! What food storage and cooking facilities, eg in room microwave, floor kitchen, etc.?

If you can find a little out of print cookbook called, The Impoverished Students’ Book of Cookery, Drinkery and Housekeepery, originally published in 1965, you will get a lot of ideas.

I encourage adding veggies and fruits to many things since this helps avoid that 10-20 pound freshman weight gain.



Here are a few of my favorite teen recipe sights.


I'm cooking for a group of teens on a mission trip this month. We do have access to a kitchen and frig and the place is only 3 hours away. I'm going to pre-cook as much as possible and freeze it to help both with transportation and to reduce the amount of cooking I have to do when I get there. I've run this by several of the kids and they are excited. Here's what I'm having. Hope you get some ideas.


*Rice with teriyaki chicken, stir-fried veggies

*Taco meat –nachos, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, refried beans, salsa, sour cream

Hamburgers with chips, salad?, fruit unless they use the hamburgers for the rafting trip

*Lasagna with salad, garlic bread

*Sloppy Joes

Chicken fingers with fries

Breakfast: with fruit

*Breakfast casserole


Cereal and milk

English muffin egg sandwiches?


Sandwiches/chips or salad of some kind/veggies w/dip/fruit

Grilled cheese, tomato soup fruit, veggies and dip

French bread pizza?


String cheese, fruit, crackers or bagels,


Graham crackers and peanut butter
String cheese
Banana muffins

Cheesy rice?


Gordo, how many people including teens and adults? What are you doing about beverages and water? If you freeze, stuff need to STAY Frozen until it is thawed for cooking.
Here are a few breakfast ideas:
Scrambled eggs and hash browns
Breakfast tacos or burritos
Selection of yogurt, granola and cold cereals and muffins
Oven French toast (good recipe on the Big Pages section)

I suggest baked crispy potato wedges instead of fries, as frying is messy, expensive and dangerous, besides being, erh, unhealthy.


I was just making some suggestions for the person cooking for the mission trip to Mexico. I won't fry the french fries, just bake them on a cookie sheet in the oven. We'll be having more fruits and veggies with each meal too.

hey, what would be a good idea to cook someone for a date?

Hmm, I would pick someone who was tender and small enough to fit in the oven...

Seriously, Rock Cornish game hens are easy and fun to eat, much less challenging to cook than a steak and can be done in the oven with some baked potatoes and a hot cobbler or pie for dessert. Cook some whole green beans or broccoli on top of the stove, and you have a great meal.

Cooking for school lunch program.
Hi, I have just started cooking lunch for a school and was wondering if you know of any cookbooks to help with planing how much for and different recieps that kids like.The ages are Preschool to 8th grade.Thank you and I love your web page.

Yes, there are quite a few school cookbooks- you don't say how big your school is- start with the USDA school lunch website for links.

If you do a ggogl search for
recipes "school lunch"

including the quotes, you will see many more ideas

I am a teen, and i would like to know if any of you have any good beverage recipes. For example, punches, smoothies etc. If you could send me some recipes that would be awesome! also if you have any snack recipies that i can make quickly and take to school, can you please send me those to? Thank you very much! :)

Hi, Jessica,

I like to make the hunky monkey breakfast bars and the OAMC frozen burritos ahead and take, they are very portable.

I make my smoothies using frozen fruits or frozen bananas in the blender because I like them thick. I use Designer Whey protein powder because I like the flavor, especially vanilla praline and chocolate. I use yogurt or milk for the liquid, if you do not do dairy you can use soy milk.


I'm throwing a party for my friends and i need something easy and good to make. Something that teens like to eat for a snake.

Hot queso dip with or without sausage added is popular. Tex Mex 7 layer taco dip is popular and easy,too, or you could consider a make it yourself taco bar. If you have a little bit extra to spend, hot wings are very popular, but for teens you need a lot- about 3/4 pound per person.
It take about 8 pounds of taco / Fritos chips or 6 pounds of potato chips for 100 adult people, you want to get a couple pounds more for teens.

Yopu can find the links for most of these recipes on the "new pages" page.
If you read the "Big Pots" page, it will give you more ideas.

i hav to find sso recipies for my class (20 people) for our last day of school but i dont know what to make!

Frances, you have to start by telling me what an sso recipe is! Write back.
I'am 13yrs.old and i am heading to yr.8.i am overweight and looking for fun lunches that will help me to lose weight and help give me be alert thorugh a busy day of school.lunches at the canteen(tuckshop) are yucky processed foods that i hardly know what its made up of,if i had a home-made lunch it will be a sandwhich that i get bored at the first bite.i need recipies and quick 'cos school starts in a week!

from maria


Hi, Maria! Congratulations on taking such good care of yourself. You have to add a little more activity such as some walking, every day.

This is not just a question of lunch. You need to eat a breakfast every school day with 12-16 grams or more protein- it can be as simple as 2 hard boiled eggs or a milk and protein shake- so you are not starving by lunch. Then you need a calcium source- you are building the bones for childbearing and to prevent osteoporosis in your lod age RIGHT NOW! If you add some veggies- I know this sound funny, but it is one of the secrets to feeling full without over-eating- this will help.

Then you want a lunch with the same protein amount or more, such as shaved deli meats or the new tuna in a packet, and some carbs; could be the 2 slices of bread or a hand full of crackers or baked chips. PLUS veggies- baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, celery sticks, slaw, etc easy to eat hand veggies.

Fruit juices and sodas are a huge source of calories. Eat only whole fruits, and try to limit to 2 a day. Use sugar free sodas or bottled water instead.

If you plan on Saturday for the week to come so you have everything you need in the refrigerator or cupboard, you will stick with it better. I have taken off about 40 pounds this year, it is hard, but it is really worth it!


hi i love this website it really helps me alot thanx everyone
Im doing a project for school where we have to start a company. My group members and I are going to make a bakery/coffee shop, so if you have any recipes please feel free to let us know!!!
Sorry I forgot to post my e-mail


Bria, hi. There are a LOT of local and state regulations about making and selling food, such as having to have all the food that will be sold made in specially inspected-by-the-health-department kitchens. Do you have to learn about this? All the regulations are available at the health department.

Most companies that are successful start with developing one or a few special products that can be made commercially. Lately, biscotti are very popular because they are simple ad relatively cheap to make, keep well and do not have to be thrown away every day, and people really like them and will pay a dollar each for good ones.

Having an actual shop is much more expensive in start up and much more likely to fail, than developing a product that can be sold to existing coffee and tea shops. Something to think about.

Hi Ellen,

I work for a community center and each Friday night, we have a teen night at the center with different events, from basketball to graffiti contests, and I would really like to add some healthy snacks that the teens can make. We did english muffin pizzas last Fall and that worked pretty well. We have anywhere from 50-150 teens that drop in to the center during Friday nights and we do not have a readily available kitchen. We have an oven, stove and microwave, but they are away from the lobby. Do you have any suggestions for fun, healthy snacks that could be made entirely in our lobby?

I would get a cart and move a microwave in for the evening. Hot snacks "sell" better than cold, and melted cheese on almost anything is desirable; while cold cheese is a pass.

Hot dips like chili con queso are eternally popular. There are lots of other hot dips, too.
And a chocolate fondue with cake and fruit chunks and marshmallows is a big treat.

"Cute fruit animal" competit foursion with all kinds of fruit chunks pre-dipped in orange juice to prevent browning, plus gum drops, licorice sticks, etc, held/stuck together with thin pretzel sticks, are edible and you can even give prizes.

Hello. What was the answer to your "cooking for teens on a Mexico mission trip" question? Did you have any great ideas?
Thanks, Natalie
ellen t
hey my names ellen too!
Hi, for my school assignment i have to make up a catering business and i have to cater for an organisation that has brought out a new clothing range for teens and is throwing an opening party, about 250 people are invited, The limit is $22 per head. Are there any fun cheap recipes i can include in my assignment, and i have to cook a serving for 1 person for marking. any suggestions would be great.
For $22, a professional caterer would want food plus beverage costs to be $6-7 per person. I might choose an expresso bar and fraprappacino punch party with biscotti cookies and brownies. There is a frappacino punch recipe on this site, and mMy biscotti baking binge would give you enough for all your classmates with a nice take-home box for the teacher.
Deliciouse quick and easy meals.
Hi my name is Sam and I am 11 yrs old i LOVE cooking.I enjoy cooking leek & onion tarts and cheesy potato slices.Mum encourages me to cook In the kitchen and I want to be a chef when I am older.Thats how much mum has made me appriciate.
Tonights supper.
I want to make some-thing healthy and tasty for supper I have bought a few things but I don'y know what I should make I have to cook for 2 adults a teen and my-self.Here are the Ingredients I have:

Leek (large)
Potatos (15)
brocolli (medium)
Snow pea sprouts (140g)
Brussel sprouts (15)
cauliflower (Small)
bok-choy (medium)
tomato (4)
Fish (4 pieces)
Steak (4 pieces)
Meat ball (15)

The appliences I have are:

Fry pan.
and a Toaster.

Hi, Sam,

You might enjoy to start following the forums at chef2chef.com.

You know that this is way too much food for 1 dinner. Out of respect for freshness, I would cook the things that don't keep well, the fish, the snow pea sprouts and the bok choy. Start some steamed rice. Maybe, dip the fish in milk then crumbs or wheat germ and saute in the pan. Fire up the wok add some oil, garlic, ginger and soy sauce and the sliced bok choy and cook stirring frequently just until wilted and tender. Throw the pea sprouts on top of the rice the last few mintes and use to garnish the rice and fish, maybe with a bit of diced tomato for color. Pretty plate, well balanced meal.

I am looking for recipes for teenagers. I work with a youth club and they are very interested in cooking. I am looking for some dinner recipes and possibly healthy options! If you have any suggestions I would be most grateful
Everybody needs to be able to cook a week's worth of dinners. Roast cornish game hen halves are stylish, easy and delicious; meat loaf and meat balls at the same time; an oven or crockpot stew; crepes and omelets; some kind of paella or baked fish dish. Baked apples with vanilla ice cream, dump cake or a fruit cobbler, maybe a whole day wit h all the variations of angel biscuits; and last but not least, some real bread.
What would be a good recipe fofr mother's day??
Moms usually like the halves Cornish game hens roasted. Ask the butcher to saw them in half while they are still frozen. By tomorrow they will thaw. Stuff and roast about 45 minutes at 350 degrees. You can use already cooked rice or a stove-top stuffing mix to make the stuffing- just add a little celery and onion diced up and cooked in butter, then some dried cranberries or raisins and maybe some slivered almonds or pecans. Serve with a spiced peach (available in jars) or cranberry relish, some broccoli or asparagus, and some lemon sherbet or other ice cream and cookies for dessert.
Nanny Shar
recipeornish Game Hens
I need basic idea for cornish game hen, I have not prep[ared for over 35 years, I have mixed wild rice, dressing, and potatoes on hand, two hens at 24oz ea. Need to cook om Christmas Dat, eve. Thanks
Nanny Shar
recipeornish Game Hens
I need basic idea for cornish game hen, I have not prepared for over 35 years, I have mixed wild rice, dressing, and potatoes on hand, two hens at 24oz ea. Need to cook on Christmas Day, eve. Thanks tubbshaw@earthlink.com
You can roast as halves for 40 minutes, put dressing in pan, place chickens over skin side up after marinating or rubbing on spices, bake at 325-350 for 40 minutes.
I'm cooking for another teen retreat, probably about 40-50 including adults. I'm tired of the typical baked pasta, taco or potato buffets. It's probably just me getting bored with the ideas, but since I'm doing the cooking.... I'd love at least a couple of new ideas I haven't done to death. Don't know yet what the cooking facilities are but I suspect they are not that good.
Hi, Gordo,

Stuffed baked chicken quarters, stuffed bell peppers or acorn squash, cabbage rolls, Greek-style pork or beef stew. Moussaka with potatoes and zucchini instead of just eggplant. Baked in the oven fish chowder, or baked white fish with crumbs and cheese. Cinncinati 5 way chili with spaghetti, beans, cheese. Redbeans ad rice with plenty of sausage. Jambalaya, ettouffee or dirty rice.

Thanks--that was fast!
i like to cook
hey! im 12 years old, and i need to prepare a QUICK main course recipe for my mum and dad. Any ideas? =)
Baked chicken pieces or meatloaf, baked potatoes, salad and green beans or another vegetable. Easy oven dinner, ready about 40 minutes after you start. Put the potatoes in the microwave for about 10 minutes, then into the oven with the chicken.
i really cant give my mum enough to tell her how much she does so i wanted to prepare anice meal i do no how to work most thing and do bake cakes but was wandering for a tasty easy recipy to do for her and my dad maby a crab cake or a nice chicken dish ,maby a nice fish or something simple but very tasty my mum and dad also like currys and chineese but i have a nutalergy so cant cook with them please please help
first of all i must warn you that i am a very picky eater! [i dont like tomatos,onions,beef,or any other meat except for chicken.]

well im 13 yrs. old and i dont like the food my mom makes =[
so im trying to make my own meals from now on.
but im having trouble finding stuff i actually like.
have any suggestions???

i love fruits..
and i always wanted to eat them for snacks
but they seem to boring/plain...and they dont fill me up enough.
have any other snack ideas?

Hi, Kathy,

It sounds like you have a lot to plan! Your body is forming all your adult bones and your reproductive health right now (your bones at age 80 depend on your diet now). You can eat a good diet without any of the things you don't like, but you have to PLAN.

You need proteins, iron, calcium pretty much at every meal, but they can be vegetarian, or chicken. Do you eat fish? cheese? cottage cheese? yogurt? milk? nuts (what kind, for example do you like sunflower seeds, peanut butter, etc.) How much soda do you drink every day? Do you every eat whole wheat bread, oatmeal, or other whole grain cereals? Are you happy with your weight and height?

Write back with more info, or email me at cookupdt@texas.net and we will talk further.

i dont like fish.
i do like cheese,milk,yogurt,and peanuts/almonds/peanutbutter.

i rarely drink soda [only on sundays]
and always eat whole wheat bread/crackers/and cereals.

im almost 15 and tired of the same old recipies i use for lunches. Could you suggest easy lunch ideas using ingredients just around the house so i could just make when i want them and don't need to go out and buy stuff. plez email me @ maygirl@cox.net
thank you.
im almost 15 and tired of the same old recipies i use for lunches. Could you suggest easy lunch ideas? using ingredients just around the house so i could just make when i want them and don't need to go out and buy stuff. plez email me @ maygirl@cox.net
thank you.
no nuts due 2 my braces plez.
ellen crysell
hi i need 2 recipes that include celery. but theres a catch they have to be recipes that teenagers will enjoy
Ellen Crysell
hi i need 2 recipes that include celery. but theres a catch they have to be recipes that teenagers will enjoy
please contact me asap on she_devil_teen@hotmail.com
How bout celery filled with peanut butter or cream cheese? The teens in my youth group seem to like it.
thanks gordo thats a good idea. ill try it and see if my mates will like it
Hi, I am a math special ed teacher looking
to bring conversion of measurement sizes to life for my students. We are going through the book and next week I would like to make the lesson a little more interesting by giving them some easy, cheap recipes we co uld use in class. We have a microwave and I could borrow a hot plate. Any ideas? Thank you. The celery filled with peanut butter/cream cheese is good but I also wanted a liquid recipe. Thank you.
Hot chocolate with real chocolate recipe? You could convert to regular cocoa and butter to sub for the real chocolate- You can convert chocolate from ounces to tablespoons, etc. You could make the milk from dry milk powder and water.
Amber Dawn
Hi Ellen I'm trying to find good lunch ideas for my teenage friends. Something simple that I could make that isn't a sandwich but isn't greasy either.

If you can help me; your help would be greatly appreciated.

~ Amber Dawn

Wraps are a lunchy thing that is as popular as a sandwich as not greasy, and can be made ahead. Salads if it is girls. A baked potato bar is simple and delicious, not too expensive.
I am thirteen and haven't really started cooking too much. I have made chocolates before and have helped my dad in the kitchen but really want to start cooking on my own. I want to make my parents a nice but simple dinner to show them that i can cook something so they will trust me a little more. Do you know anything that is simple enough for a beginner cook to make?


Great idea! Chicken halves or quarters roasted, side of either noodles or baked potatoes, and a simple frozen vegetable, maybe add a fruit salad; that is a simple meal that is delicious.
If you want a salad or fruit salad, make it first and put it in a baggi in the fridge to stay cold while you cook.

Preheat the oven to 375. If you are doing the baked potatoes, scrub them well, rub on some butter or oil, poke them with a fork and put them in as the oven warms up. It takes about 20 minutes.

While ithe oven is warming and the potatoes are cooking, rinse the chicken pieces, rub on some seasoning and place on a rack in a shallow tray or roasting pan. The skin side goes up so that the fat melts and bastes the chicken. The seasoning can be almost anything- Italian seasoning, paprika, creole or cajun seasoning, or some dried green herbs such as rosemary, thyme, or dill.

Pu the pan in the oven and let it cook 40 minutes, then check it. If it is halves, it will take about 10 more minutes. It will look all brown and golden when it is done and smell great.

If you did not make potatoes, as soon as the chicken goes in, start boiling a gallon of water with a bit of salt. This takes about 20 minutes. When it is boiling hard, add 8 to 12 ounces of noodles (12 if you are real noodle lovers), stir, bring back to a boil, boil about 8-10 minutes, depends on whether they are big or little noodles.

Once the noodles are cooking, cook the frozen vegetable- if it is a microwave bag, it is extra easy.

As soon as the noodles are done, you have to drain off all the water. A colander or sieve helps, put it in the sink and pour all the noodles in, then put some butter or olive oil in the warm pan and put the noodles back in, stir, set the lid half on and put it on the back of the stove (NOT on a burner) while you get the chicken and veggies into their bowls and plates.

Cookies and ice cream or sherbet are a simple dessert that everyone likes.

Good luck!

I am thirteen and I love to cook. All I've ever done so far is bake cakes and brownies etc. I would like to make something really special for my parents anniversary(22 years).Could you please suggest any easy yet delicious recipes?
P.S: My parents anniversary is next week so please reply soon.
Rachel, that recipe right above for roasted chicken with noodles or potatoes is a GREAT simple party meal. If you want to get a little fancy, have the butcher cut 2 small chickens or two large Cornish game hens in half and sprinkle them with Italian seasoning, then brush the chickens with a mix of soy sauce plus apricot preserve or orange marmalade before roasting- it makes a pretty glaze and tastes really good.
Thanks for the recipe-it worked great.
and for a lot of you, take a look at hungry-girl.com, they have a lot of healthy recipes.
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I am a junior in highschool, and do not have a ton of cooking experience, but enough to make a relatively simple meal for the family. I'm hoping to make dinner for 8 family members in a few weeks and am at a loss of rather simple meals. (I'm also trying to pick a dessert) Any ideas?

The recipes and menu for oven-roasted chicken, a few letters above, wouold be just right for this occasion. If you don't like that idea, I will post the recipe for an easy pot roast you cqn do in the crockpot or oven.
The oven-roasted chicken does sound good, but my family (Grandpa in particular;) loves pot roast! Thanks for the help.
OK, for the easiest pot roast, get a large boneless chuck roast, allowing 1/2 pound raw per person. Get a box of onion soup mix, 1 or 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup (you won't notice these mushrooms in the gravy, they just add flavor); if the family likes mushrooms, get a can of mushrooms. Get the largest cooking bag, or extra wide aluminum foil if you are using the oven. Get a 6 quart or larger crockpot if you are using the crock pot.

Place the chuck in the bag, or in the middle of a really big piece of foil that gives you room to double fold the edges all around when you add a second piece on top, or in the crockpot that you have sprayed with non-stick spray. Sprinkle on the onion soup mix, spread on the mushroom soup mix, close the bag or crockpot, or put on a second piece of foil and fold up all the edges double tight.

Bake in a large pan in the oven at 250 degrees for 1 hour per pound, at least 4 and up to 8 hours, or cook in the crockpot on low for 6-8 hours. If you use the crock pot, take the lid off once after a few hours and stir all around to make sure the meat is thoroughly coated- DO NOT open the roaster or foil bags, if you use them. Serve with noodles or potatoes and your side vegetable.

This is easy easy. People really like it.

Having a retreat at my house for 35 teenagers friday evening to sunday morning. Retreat is outdoors as well as the meals. Any ideas on breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas. I've done the hamburger/hot dogs/sloppy joes/ital. beef....etc.this is my fourth year and I'd like to come up with some new ideas, can you help?
If these are high school age men and women and there are a few adults, you won't go wrong on the amounts if you use 1/2 the amounts for 100. Teens, as you have already learned, eat a lot.

For supper, what about a taco/texmex bar one night and a baked potato bar with a bbq beef or chili topping added the second?

For breakfast Saturday, take a look at the breakfast planning page and the brunch for 100 article in the Big Pots section and and the egg FAQ on the recipe box page. There are several excellent eggy breakfast casseroles and lots of ideas. Or maybe you would like to use the brunch pages to do just one meal (brunch) on Sunday before they leave. That Maple date strata is truly delicious.

Or consider the Impossible pies for lunch or breakfast. You can make the mix ahead, bake for the meal, no crust to make, and several of the flavors (cheeseburger, for example) are very popular with teens.

Make yourself sandwich/salad bars are also simple for lunch, though a little more expensie.

Finally, the pot roast recipe just aboe is quite popular with teens.

I am looking for some new ideas or recipes for a bunch of teenagers to make. Lately they have been excited and have wanted to do more I am just running out of ideas that both boys and girls will enjoy making. If you could help that would be great!
Have they done the taco bar? Baked potato bar? Enchiladas? Chili? Fried chicken? Impossible pies (this is fun, you do both dinner pies and dessert pies).
I'm looking for a bunch of recipes for teens....its for a school homework(Food and nutrition)
Allen, are you the teacher or one of the students, and are these supposed to be things the teens can cook, or just things they like?
Hi, I'm sixteen and i will be home with no parent for a week, i am looking for simple and easy dinnner ideas for me and my brother (p.s i never cook!)
Read up the column, do the baked chicken one night and make double to have cold or chicken salad later in the week. One night pasta with frozen shrimps and veggies stirred in, white sauce. One night pizza. One night hamburgers. One night a ham steak, sausages or hot dogs, or a frozen entree (pot pies, etc.). One night meatball subs. One night out. Bag of salad. Frozen veggie of some kind every night. Potato (microwave, 6 minutes per each large). Rice, use minute or frozen. You can do this easily.
recipes for teens to make
Hi, I'm thirteen and my mom and I are the only ones that can cook. And my mom is having surgery and will not be able to do anything for two weeks. I live with a older brother, and my father, and mother. I will have to make the food for a few weeks. What should i make? The boys dont like chicken that much.
Hi, Breanna,

First, congratulations on taking on this responsibility. You can do a good job with some help on planning and shopping.

Second, there is NO REASON your brother can't cook, except that no one has had him do it. ALL my nephews are great cooks and can whomp up a fancy dinner for 12, no sweat. Men who can't cook end up getting married (usually not to the best person) because they can't take care of themselves. Your dad can cook, too! So you should not be the only one responsible. And on the nights you DO cook, they should set the table and do ALL the clean up. You can show them this note.

So now, about your question. You and your mom need to look at the freezer dinners in the OAMC= once a month cooking section of the site. With your help, she can easily prepare a bunch of dinners now to freeze, that you will be able to take out and cook during her recovery. Like, lasagna, stew, burritos or enchiladas, BBQ shredded pork or beef, meatloaf, and so on.

Also see the note just above, there are a bunch of ideas there. Make a chart so you know what you are planning each night and so you make sure to get enough salad, frozen vegetables, bread and so forth from the store. Write in all the meals- you don't want to run out of eggs, milk or cereal, either. Tell the guys that the rule is, anyone who complains or makes negative remarks has to cook the next night!

Baked potato bar, tacos or taco salad, pastas, hamburgers or subs, frozen pizza are all simple and can fill in on the nights you have not cooked ahead.

You can completely avoid chicken if you want to.

Hi I am 14... trying to make a meal for my mom before she gets home from work! Please I need your help
Jacquelyn, the ideas for other teens on this thread should be helpful. Baked potatoes plus roast chicken and a frozen vegetable are very simple and take less than an hour to prepare. Do you have a particular food or occasion in mind?
hey i want to bake something (anything but it should be something made of chocolate)can you give me any recipe...
Maham, put the phrase "chocolate cookies" or brownies into your google and take your choice.
Hi, im 18 and only know basics of cooking and only have basics of food in my cupboards at the moment, i am supposed to be cooking a meal for my family tonight and have no ideas, but i am supposed to prove im capable - any ideas?
Grace , not enough info, what do you consider the basics.

I would say you might have the fixings for a tuna noodle casserole or a pasta dish; or rice and beans; or a nice soup with homemade biscuits, bread, or pancakes. Or what about breakfast for supper? Omelettes or crepes?

Hi. I really appreciate everything my parents do for me. They are also both fabulous chefs! One night, I would like to cook a nice dinner for them, all by myself. My parents can take me to the store to buy whatever I need so that isn't a problem. I would prefer it to not be meatloaf (we just had that) or steak (I'm not the steak cooker! :P). Also no seafood please. I would be cooking for four; me, my sister, my mom, and my dad. Also I'd rather it not be the hens or anything like that. I'm looking more for something original and relatively simple. I am only fourteen and don't cook that often. Thanks for your help!!
On the recipe box page there are 2 recipes for a Greek beef stew called stifado which is delicious and can be made in a crock pot. You would probably like the one with the small whole onions and tomatoes. Serve with green salad, rice, and boccoli or green beans, easy and great.
Hi. I am a 15 year old girl and I love to cook. I would like very easy recipies to make supper for my family. I tried finding some on the internet but im having a hard time. The more simple, the better. Chiken, beef, porc..anything.
Please look in the recipe box section. These are all family recipes.
I need to makee tea for my 6 year old sister, my dad, my mum & me,, Any Ideas?? "/ Thankss xxx
Is this a tea party with little sandwiches and sweets, evening tea with eggs, meats and bread, or just something to drink? Please write back.
Hi, my mom is always getting home at dinner time and we are always eating dinner at like 7:00 and I really want to help my mom by cooking dinner so it is done when she gets home but I have some limitations.....
I don't like to use the oven, I can't drive out to the store and buy ingredients so i have to use what I have...basic things in the pantry....pasta, spices, cold cuts, caned/frozen vegetables, fruit, milk...things like that, it needs to be rather easy, it can't take more than an hour or so altogether and my dad is a health freak so it can't be fried.

I need help!!!!! ):

Very thoughtful.
Crock pot meals cooked on low are one option- put on before school.

Stir fries with noodles (really tasty) or rice. Are actually sauteed, can be done with frozen stir fry vegetables, should be fine with your dad.

Omelets, and quiches, and see the impossible pie section of this site.

Any of these sound good?

Hi Ellen,
I am having a speacial dinner for my sister and her fiancee. I am her maid of honor and want to have a dinner for them to celebrate thier almost wedding day. She is kind of picky so no fish, vegetables or anything fancy. I also need it to be kinda easy to make since I am only tweleve years old. I am trying to have appetizer/dinner/dessert meal. Plus if you have any good non-acholic drinks reciepes. She loves junk food.I don't really know what to make yet, so if you could help it would mean a lot to me.

P.S. they have no allergies.

How about an appetizer of chips and a dip, baked chicken with baked potatoes or a rice side dish, green beans or broccoli, garlic bread or hot rolls from the freezer, and brownies with ice cream? Brownies can be made from a mix or gotten from a bakery. If you wanted to be a little more fancy, you could use Cornish game hens instead of chicken.
Hi I'm 17 years old a junior in high school and when my mom makes out our menu for the week I don't know what I want to have to eat I'm like I don't know Mom haha :) , and then well anyways what I like is steak, hamburgers, um I love french bread, and of course pizza lol :)) and I love lasanga, garlic toast/bread whatever haha :) um what else as you can tell I'm a very picky eater haha :) but I think most teenagers are like that lol haha :)) :) so yeah any ideas? thanks =D
Keanna, one of the things nobody tells teenagers, especially girls, is that how they eat as teens can affect their whole lives- their fertility, how easy or hard it is to deliver their babies, even whether their bones thin out and break when they get old. So this is really the time to make friends with your body and help it learn to eat the stuff that is what you need to eat for the rest of your life. You probably know more than your mom about what you and your family really need to be eating. Most teens are not very picky eaters (REALLY) but many are very careless eaters.
So anyway, how about cooking a couple of times a week? Maybe even doing some of the shopping? Pretty soon you will be on your own tight budget, so it is smart to practice with your family's money first.
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Hi Ellen,
I go away with my husband for 3 -4 weeks a year. I have two adult children. One does not get home until 8pm at the earliest and it is difficult for her to start cooking a meal. The other one is studying at Uni, has a part time job and is in the army reserves. I need some complete meals that I can freeze, so that when they come home at odd hours they just have to thaw and reheat them. So far I have - Bolognaise (they can cook the pasta), ministrone soup, cottage pie. My daughter won't eat the Lean Cuisine meals, but my son will. I want to load the freezer with precooked meals before I leave. Any ideas please?
All the OAMC recipes are great choices for this- my site or other sites. You are a thoughtful mom.
Hey Ellen,

I'm the only child and tonight is my parents anniversary. They are going to be gone for a while today and I want to cook something for them! What can I cook that is easy and tastes yummy! Any ideas! Please & Thank You!

Anna, this is nice, what is in the house? Do you want to make some cookies, a cake, dinner?
My mom i trying to get me (I'm 15) to cook at least one dinner for our family of 5 per week. I am great at baking and cooking but I need some fresh new recipes to try. What do you suggest? We have a variety of ingredients so what are some good yummy recipes I should try? Thank you and I love your site! :)
the hungry teens!
Okay,so me and my friend Sarah are 14 and 15.Sarah's parents are always at work and we need some damn food.What can we make with stuff around the house?Please help!

, Sarah and Alaina

Hey, y'all. Do you have crock pots? The new crock pot cook books have great, easy recipes, and you can cook up a whole roast or chicken and have it for more than one meal.

Roast anything; chicken, roast, pork; Add potatoes and carrots, a meal with no work. Then sandwiches, or reheat in the gravy.

The local library has a huge selection of cookbooks. The Betty Crockers are very simple. Go look.

Chop up vegetables and make your own stir fry. Make the rice in the microwave, no scorching, good every time.

hi I am a teenager I have a chat making competition tomorrow .The conditions on which they are going to judge us is that the dish must be innovative nutritious& tasty.Pls suggest some recipes
Akshatha, this is not my usual area, but I like the site below for Indian recipes. To get some ideas, take a look:


hi am cooking for my family tommorow night and some of my siblings are fussy eaters do have any easy and interstings meals to make that would go down well with the fussy eaters?
Roast chicken with baked potatoes, corn and green beans is a simple meal that most people like. Would that work for you?
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Hi! I'm 12 and just ate yesterdays breakfast panacakes!! My parents are gonna kill me if I don't find something quick and easy to make!! Please hurry!!
??? Recipes for crepes and pancakes are on this site. Or make them scrambled eggs.