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Cherry Ambrosia Cheese Ball Recipe?
Can anyone give me a recipe for a "Cherry Ambrosia Cheese Ball" ??


There are several ways to make this. I use sour cherry preserves, which are available at shops that carry European or Middle Eastern jams, mashed with cream cheese and a bit of almond extract and rolled in freshly toasted sliced or slivered almonds. I usually make a roll because I like more almonds per bite. It is pink and pretty with bits of cherry as you spread.
How much cherry and cream cheese depends a little on how syrupy the cherries are, but about 3 tablespoons of preserves per 8 ounces of cream cheese and about a half teaspoon of pure almond extract are a good start.
There is a mix available for this from "Tastefully Simple". Some folks use a little shredded tangerine in their recipe.
What do you serve with this cheese ball? (crackers, what type?)
Water crackers, triscuit or wheat thin, flatbread, sesame crackers, not very sweet plain cookies (there is a Japanese sesame cracker/cookie that is fabulous), plain chocolate wafer cookies: almost any one that is not savory/ oniony/ garlicky or salty.