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gypsum for tofu making
Can I use any kind of gypsum for making tofu? I've found some beer supplier on the net that sells gypsum and I take it it's OK for human consumption since it is an additive to homebrews. Then I found gypsum in a garden supply place locally. Can I use the garden gypsum for making tofu?
Well, I went out and bought some garden gypsum and tried a little in a small batch of soymilk... I now know why there are different grades of gypsum. Folks, don't try using just any kind of calcium sulphate, unless you don't mind crunching on a few sandy particles in your tofu then garden gypsum will do.

This evening I tried making tofu again with epsom salt since I don't have terra alba or inigari, and by george,epsom salt really works as a tofu coagulant. My tofu turned out really nice. Meanwhile, 3 lbs of nigari, 5 lbs of terra alba should arrive in the next few days. I have enough coagulant to last me a few years. :-)

No garden gypsum! You want USP grade.
Hello, I am trying to get into a personal Tofu vending business. I currently have no idea what I need to make it though. I understand the process but I can not find the supplies in my area or on the net that is cheap and effective. I want a traditional looking tofu mold. Wood. I also would like a nice cheese cloth that will not tear to shreds in 5 uses. I also was wondering if there is a place to find industrial sized tofu supplies. I am located in Reno, NV and have a relatively small budget but am willing to splurge a bit. Any suggestions?
You can make the mold- both Rodale (prevention magazine) and the book of tofu tell how. USP grade gypsum from pharmacy supply. Get Laura soybeans to start. See the University of Illinois soy center for LOTS of help on small manufacturing help for soy, link on the tofu/soymilk page.

All food manufacturing is covered by local health dept.s So, if you plan to sell on radar, eg to health food stores, you need to find out the local approved kitchen requirements. Remember you can rent a commercial kitchen for a few hours when the restaurant is closed.

I wanted to make this from my own home or from a small hole in the wall type situation so I could avoid the rent thing. Or at least keep it as cheap as possible. Do you know where I could get actual supplies needed for this? Not the food but the cloth, tubs, molds, etc.
You need Shurtleff's books on artisanal tofu making. Go here:


I am trying to make silken tofu for holiday meal ideas. where can i buy this stuff?
You can't make silken tofu at home, it is not made like regular tofu. To make silken tofu, soymilk is sealed in those little cartons with enzymes, then processed.

You can make regular soft tofu simply by not pressing out as much liquid in the form.

I want to know more about gypsum please, I'm
Busy with a vegetarian cook book and i
Need to do research on lots of things
Thank you
Please keep me informed
What do you want to know about it that is not discussed in the tofu making article?
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