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ceramic range top and soft scrub

In the long thread on ceramic range top, one gentleman mentioned that he used soft scrub to clean his ceramic range top despite his wife's warning. He did not notice any problem after one month experiment.

I checked soft scrub website and did not find any claim on ceramic range top, though soft scrub is known for doing a super job on glass and ceramic tile. Is it safe to use soft scrub on a ceramic range top?

BTW, thanks to Ellen for creating this forum!


You are welcome. Sorry, I can't give you a firm answer, that is why people write in their experiences-

If your top is still under warranty, email the manufacturer (so you have the reply in writing) before using anything not in the manual.

If not, try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser firt, not all soft scrubs are low grit.

Carmela Recktenwald
a product called "Cook Top" by Weiman is what I use for heavy soil...baked on hard spots are removed with a razor blade.

Thanks, Ellen. The following was from the maker of Soft Scrub, not a firm answer either.

Ceramic stove tops are less delicate towards product residues. Use sparingly.
Rub gently with a wet sponge (without scouring side). Rinse thoroughly and

"Safety First". If unsure, try cleaning first in an inconspicuous spot to see
if any damage/scratching occurs.

For continuing information about our products and our company, we hope you'll
checkout our website at

Consumer Affairs
The Dial Corporation

rachel lacoille
Can I use the magic sponge on my glass top range? Ifso, which one?
The only similar product readers have actually recommended is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
My grandmother has used soft scrub on her glass stovetop for years with no ill effects.
theresa cromwell
ive been using a cleaner that is used on cerramice stove, but seems their still some kinda stains on the top of my stove most of it gets cleaned but seems like their still some stains on it so it does,nt look as good as it did when i got it help what can i do look forward to hearing from you soon
thank you
Theresa you need to read all the other ceramic cook top threads, spotting and cleaning options are discussed at length by readers.