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Prime Rib for 75 prople
How many prime ribs do I buy to feed 75 people and the best way to prepare it?
Prime Rib for 75 people
How many prime rib do I buy to feed 75 people and the best way to prepare it?

75 pounds raw, and you want to see if you can arrange to have them roasted at a restaurant that has an autosham roasting oven. medium rare all the way through, and much less shrinkage.
Potato Salad for 75 people
How many pounds of potatoes, celery, onions, eggs and mayo do I need to buy and prepare for 75 people?
Thanks, Lyn
Check the plan for 100 chart and use 3/4 of the amount-
I am catering my daughter's wedding for 250 people. I plan on having Prime Rib and Chicken Breasts. The Prime Rib that I am serving is pre-cooked and I was wondering if I could slice it before hand and then pour hot beef broth over it and let it cook in that in the steam tables that it will be served in. If you can help me out at all I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks so much!!
I was also wondering if there was some kind of potatoe that I could make the day before. I was thinking about having scalloped potatoes or the Hashbrown Cass. potatoes. Have any suggestions?

First of all, please go read my article on self catering your wedding reception in Big Pots, if you have not alreadt done so. I meal this size requires a professional/restaurant quality kitchen, 3 cooks and at LEAST a dozen servers, even if done buffet style.

The plan about the precooked beef is not a good plan for two reasons:
1) It is unsafe. See the discussion about turkey reheating in big pots. The broth over cold meat does not heat quickly enough or get hot enough to get above 140 degrees- they are not safe in terms of bacteria.
2) Buffet serving of the presliced thick standing rib pieces is VERY EXPENSIVE. You could have a carver/server and a catered hot steamship round for less than this would cost, much easier on you, also. Or many other beef dishes.

There are lots of potato dishes that can be made the day ahead. For this meal if you are going formal, I would probaly use the freezable holdable mashed potatoes or else twice-baked stuffed potatoes. Scalloped potatoes are delicious but less formal.

You can email me at the update link at the bottom of the page if you want to talk further.

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