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I want to cook pork butt in electric roaster oven for tamale filling. Any suggestions on time,temperature and amount of liquid.
I want to cook pork butt in electric roaster oven for tamale filling. Any suggestions on time,temperature and amount of liquid.

Viva la neuva tamalera!

Because it has fat and bone it cooks faster than you would think. Keep temp between 250 and 3oo, it should simmer, NOT boil. Keep it covered, get the pieces split so they cover the whole bottom of the roaster and use enough liquid (preferably bouillon or stock) to cover by about 2 inches. About 1 1/2-2 cups per pound of meat. About 1 1/2 hours, then take the lid off and let the liquid cook down. You can season the meat before cooking and then let it sit in the seasoned broth overnight,,,

You can cook it in a regular crock pot overnite at high heat. Only fill water to about half. Season with whole garlic. It will be ready and perfect in the morning.
The first one I did in a crock pot overnight, and that turned out very well. The stock was used in the masa.

But ever since, I have been cooking my tamale meat in the pressure cooker for speed. I can do turkey in two batches, and since I am going for really low fat tamales, that is my choice meat. (But do you know they don't stock the whole birds for two months before Thanksgiving?!?!?)

Anyhoo, wanted to pass on the hint to use twice as much (or more) pureed roasted vegies in place of oil in a recipe to cut down further on the fat.

I also wanted to pass on some pressure cooking hints for tamales. I have a steamer that I fill up first with tamales and start them cooking. The remainder tamales go into the pressure cooker in the steamer basket. The tamales in the steamer and the tamales in the pressure cooker get done then at about the same time.

HOWEVER, the pressure cooked ones were getting all icky at the top from the condensation dripping down from the lid. (My tamales are open at the top and packed vertically in the basket.) This has been satisfactorially remedied by covering the top of the basket with extra corn husks.

There is still the fact that tamales seem to go soupier and settle more in the pressure cooker. Sometimes they ooze out the bottom. Packing them a bit tighter, by the judicious use of upside down mugs tucked in beside them and more wads of cornhusk, has made this a lot better.

im going to cook tamales for the first time but only have a pressure cooker.wat steps do i take?
Keesha, the reader right above you answers your specific question precisely! Have fun!
How long do you cook a full pan of tamales in the pressure cooker. Also- where are your favorite recipes for a pressure cooker?
As the expert tamale presure cooker cok above syas:
The tamales in the steamer and the tamales in the pressure cooker get done then at about the same time.

But do read her hints for avoiding dry out the tops and getting soft or soupy bottoms.

Just finished my 3rd attempt at tamales in a pressure cooker. 10 years ago, when I couldn't find any tips or hints, we made, according to our expert tamale-loving pals, the best door stops in Texas! Second time - we tossed 'em too.

Yesterday, 3 times, we made some successfully. We usually steam for 40 min in a veg basket in a tall pot. Funny, we started some like this, "to be safe," and then made 4 doz more and cooked them in th pressure cooker and they were finished the same time.

We practiced yesterday with some out of town family in preparation for our New Year's Eve tamalebration -- where you come, you pitch in making some while you drink and snack and chat. And you take some home with you (that are already prepped before guests arrive).

Our pressure cooker is a 12 quart size with a pressure selector. We used 15 lbs pressure for 10 mins -- bringing it up to pressure and down fast, not gradually.

I noticed a few had oozing from the top (no problem -- I happily broke off and popped that in my mouth when we re-warmed some for dinner tonight). I will try the extra husks at top next time to eliminate this, as it simply looks wrong (still won't toss any that have it, though).

We also stack tamales open side up around a glass turned upside down, tepee style.

Good luck. Happy New Year!

I haven't seen any recipes cooking the meat in the pressure cooker. Has anyone tried that?

Thanks! Theresa

Yes, many people do the meat in a pressure cooker. It cooks to shred stage fairly quickly- rub the seasonings into the meat before cooking to enhance the flavoring. Cook it about 20-30 minutes longer than a stew of the same amount.
bobby mac
try pressure cooking your meat(beef or pork) using 2 large onions, and 2 whole garlics,with a few new mexico chiles for flavor!fill cooker enough to fully cover your meat. i am using a 18 quart national pressure cooker,circa 1935, handed down from grandma,to my mom, finally to me!!cooking time for 14 15psi for 1 hour. meat will shred while removing it from pot! save broth for blending chile sauce too.add a teaspoon of broth to each tamale for additional flavor.enjoy!!
How long to cook in 1 1/2 qt presure cooker for 18 tamales?
Hi, PJ,

It is really hard to cook tamales when they do not fill the pot, as they need to stand up to cook right; they can get pretty soupy with too much room/ moisture. You can use an empty food can to fill part of the space. As discussed in the first part of the thread, they seem to take about the same amount of time as in a regular steamer. The thread also has hints for avoiding soupiness and wet tops in the pressure cooker.

Can I put a steamer basket in my presure cooker that was not desgined for my pressure cooker (but fits nicely) or will that be a problem?
Have never heard of any problems with this, I do it myself.
I am looking on how to can my tamales in a pressure cooker. Can someone help me to know how to do this process. I am a beginner and wish to can my homemade tamales. Do I can them after they are made? With what sauce? Also what pressure and time? Thanks for your help.
Chris, this a an actually dangerous home canning job. The food is non-acid, it is tightly packed and it includes meat, all of theses make home canning more difficult. For example, you must use a pressure canner, since the open canner can't achieve safe temperatures for meat.

Freezing is a simpler and safer option, and results in a better tamale.

Can you cook Tamales in a Roaster?
And if in a Roaster on what temperature?
b, R, this has been done with varying success, depending partly on whether they are being reheated from precooking or freshly cooked. One of my readers, who does hundreds, has never been able to get freshly cooked ones to cook evenly in the roaster; the side ones over-cooked, the middle ones were underdone.

Also, Nesco roaster have side heating elements, Rival has bottom, and bottom works better for this (side for almost everything else).

If you have never made them, cook on stove top until you get the hang of it. If you then decide to try the roaster, here are my hints.

You need a rack that leaves 1 1/2 inches or more under the tamales in the bottom of the cooking pan. Preheat the roaster to 375 for at least 20 minutes while you pack the cooking pan/ cookwell. You have to place them in the pot vertically to steam. Pack vertically, folded end down.

You can use some foil pans to pad the sides. You can also put a big can with both ends out vertical in the middle to improve steam circulation. Cover the tamales with a heavy cotton cloth (to absorb the condensation).

You add boiling water after you have placed the pan in the roaster, keep the level under the tamales, not touching, then place the lid on top. Simmer and steam for 2 - 3 hours, or until the masa pulls away from the corn husk easily, about the same as a stove top. Add additional boiling water to keep up the steam.

Bobby thank you for adding directions for cooking the meat in the pressure cooker. I have been looking for this info for 3 days.
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We've made several attempts to make sweet tamales (w/raisins and drained pineapple)in a pressure cooker, but the bottom of our pan gets burnt syrup that is tough to get off - any suggestions? I just read that I could put corn husks on the bottom of the steamer tray and that would catch the syrup. Has anyone tried this - does it work? We made a small batch for Xmas and I'm going to make another small batch for New Year.
Put a deep rack in and enough water that the syrup gets diluted. Also, spray the inside of the pan with a grilling level non-stick spray before loading. The corn husk layer will also help- but put it on the rack, not on the pan.
how long can you store prepared meat & vegtable tamales in refrigerator before cooking? thanks
If they go directly from making into the fridge, about 2 days. Better to freeze.