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job valentin
I have been trying to find visionware
in my home town of lafayette, la.
with no luck; even on line can you

thank you

i also am looking for visionware stovetop
Barak Corbett
I live in St Louis Mo and I've just spent 6 hours shopping trying to find a visionware sauce pan.

Can you please help me.
Thanks Barak

I am looking for visionware.
I live in Cape town, South Africa and am looking for visionware cookware pots to buy. I have looked online, but cant seem to find anything.
Do you know any websites i could buy on-line from.
Thanx, Hayley
I live in Miami, Fl.and am looking for vision cookware pot I love them, and I have been searching for them, and have had no Luck, If anyone knows a website or store please e-mail info.
Thank You, Maria
I have a 9 piece set of visionware i would like to get rid of. Email me for pics and details.
I live in Minnesota and also want to locate visionware, I love it and need to replace pieces that my husband broke!
I just bought 8 pieces of visionware (both sauce pans with no stick coating and casserole dishes with lids) new in box for $30 at a local auction. It is amazing what you can find at an auction.
I have some misc visionware, sauce pans with lids and a 2 pt pot that I would like to sell. Email me.
Ebay and Yahoo has many to sell.
I too had been looking for the sets.

Since they are healthier to cook on.


i am looking for visionware cookware set

Before buying Visionware, PLEASE read the other threads about it in the forum and in the archive. Visionware has a small but VERY SERIOUS risk of shattering or exploding when it has NOT been overheated or abused and is just sitting around, such as in the dish drainer. The liability is why Corning doesn't sell it directly any more.

The stories are not urban legends. I have seen the actual Federal reports and pictures. I stopped using my beloved Visionware Dutch oven after I did the research. You can cook in specific kinds of clay pots even on direct heat. Be safe. Ellen

i have a set of 3 large Visionware cookware pots (all without no stick coating) for sale
i have a set of 3 large Visionware cookware pots (all without no stick coating) for sale - those interested are asked to email me : - i will send pictures upon your request
Lee Wilson
I am looking for a store that sells Visionware to replace a piece for our kitchen. I live in the 95316 zip area.

Ellen I just put out a request for visionware and now I read from you that it is very unsafe to use. I'm totally surprised as I used to use it daily for cooking and baking. What type of material that is non metal do you reccommend. I need a frying pan in something non metal. I'm not finding anything. Please respond with a suggestion. Thank you. P.S. This is the first time reading this message forum and really will check it often.
i am in need of visionware/cookware as soon as possibl particularly the cookware with the handles

Looking for visionware/cookware. Where can I buy them?
Moved to Texas left vision cookware in New York City big mistake. Where can I find more.

A reader reports that the Vermont Country Store, which can now be reached online, is selling new Visionware. They have some trouble keeping it in stock, though=

If you order from them please tell them you saw it at

Debbie Hayes
My mother and I just love and use our visionware daily. I just read that it maybe unsafe to use. What to you suggest to replace it? The main dark see through pot with a handle that we use daily to make our tea in the microwave is the pot that holds 4 cups. Our tops are starting the chip on use, but we have had them for over 10 years.
Please let me know? Thanks Debbie
Can someone give me some suggestions on how to remove burnt food in a Vision 1.5 L pot?

Thank you


visionware; replacing and cleaning
For microwave use, Pyrex makes great clear glass measuring pitchers with red marks up to 2 quarts, easy to handle (way easier than a regular saucepan) and none of the cracking/ shattering problems related to the Visionware. I also have some labware -type beakers up to 1 liter in size made in England and sold in some high end kitchen staores for stovetop or microwave use; again clear glass, brand name Flameware.

PLEASE PLEASE do not use scratched, chipped or cracked Visionware; break it, so no one else can use it either and discard as recycled glass. It is NOT a myth that it can shatter or explode without warning both in use and while "just sitting" in the dish drainer or on the counter.

On the same line, don't scrape out burned food. Put in 1/4 cup of baking soda, water to fill above the scorch, boil covered on the same burner that scorched it, and remove from heat. Leave covered overnight. In the morning, scrubbie out with a nylon scrubber, repeat until clean. Don't use ANY scouring powder or anything rougher than that liquid/cream glass top stovetop cleaner, you can start the damage cascade that leads to shattering with the scratches.


Jenny Wee
Can i put visionware on electric cereamic hob? Is it compatible?
wow! hey have over 48 pieces of vision ware and touch wood ive never had any problems with any pieces.Does anyone need any vision ware pots or pans let me know plz.By the by haley.i was born in cape town south africa ......miss it badly.
marilyn wray
For all of you looking for Visions Cookware. got to ebay!!! Some items are new and unused and they are quite reasonable in price. However, the postage to get them to you can be very pricey.

Good luck and have fun on Ebay. I just bought a complete set of pots and pans for around hundred dollars and that includes the postage.
marilyn wray


Hi, The only replacements for visionware are Arcoflam and Arcusine.
I just bought two pieces vision today. A big one for cooking/stew vsd5 and another small one vs12. But am now just too scare using it after reading this forum. If only I had known this site before purchase the wares this morning. Is it really that bad? Shatters and explodes? explodes? Help.

strange. I have been reading visionware are not available in many places. Here is Malaysia there are lots of it selling.
But then, I am not buying another one anymore. Not after reading all the cracks and shatters and explodes.

I have been using Visions pans for 20 years in UK, even one with a damaged lip to boil eggs in. I am still alive and so are all the pans. I think someone is over-reacting. as certain people are wont to do - Cell Phones causing explosions in gas stations etc - only seems to happen in America. Treated them exactly the same as othe items for cleaning, Let me just check -Yep, still not dead from flying shards of red hot glass.

Hello, Philip,Chew and others,

It is true that many many people have used and even abused Visionware without incident. It is also true that there are well-documented cases of crippling injuries from visionware exploding without heating or abuse- yes- just sitting there and bam! without any event to cause. These accidents are on file in USA governmental safety records. I personally have seen the files.

So ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances, or you use something else. But NO MOCKING or DissING on my website, please.


10/24/05 depends on luck eh? or fate?...if it explodes on the face. ha.
But then, this sales person I purchased my vision piece about last week (which I've now sold it away) told me personally that she did received some returned stock from customers due to crack while cooking. Very rare but like I said depends on luck maybe. But I am chickened...scare to use it now.

I think it is like any other thing in life you have to pay attention to what you are doing if you miss use something of course bad things could happen but all of us that use visionware and relize that it is glass and treat it with the care that it needs then you get a lot of people saying that it is safe my mother uses vision ware as far back as i can remember and i have always used it and will continue to
I'm looking for a store in Coloradao that sells Visionware. Please Email me at if u can help. Thanks.

Dear anonymous Visionware king and others,

Well, the last time I looked I was not living under a bridge, and namecalling was not a step in the scientific process...

Here is the url for the index for the online copies of the reports of grave injury from Visions filed at the Consumer Rroduct Safety Commission (US gov). Your tax dollars at work. The documents are pdf format, so they are slow downloads.


I watched it explode!!!!!!!! BAD STUFF!!!!!!
Hello. Newbie here. So my only pot is a visionware, which is chipped! And probably cleaned incorrectly. Bummer. I'm a long time health nut but new to cooking (done mostly raw diets)...looking for information on safe cookware. How does one "break" a visionware pot so no one else can use it wo/ that being a dangerous activity in itself? What about budget-safe cookware? Any recommendations?

Put your to-be-broken pot in a couple of paper bags, tape closed, and drop onto a hard surface.

Cast iron is the least expensive good cookware. Will also help against anemia.


Thanks for the response. How shattered or how small do the pieces need to be? I mean, can pieces still continue to explode if you take it to be recycled and leave it in someone else's hands? Why didn't this product get recalled?

I'm realizing I have probably used steel wool on everything including a forgotten glass caserole type piece by "Anchor" from target...bad eh? Same thing can happen? I've used steel wool on on glasses, dishes, and maybe stainless steel. Is there a search option on this site for old topics? I tried to find it to search for the glassware thread but couldn't. I'm also curious about caring for stainless steel. If you burn something in it, does it compromise it?



Dear Philip,

I would have done you the courtesy of a private response if you had provided an email address. But, like the similarly name-calling anonymous visionware king previously, you are apparently afraid to do so.

My readers are asking what I recommend and why or why not. Visionware as I have said repeatedly before, has a well documented rare but real excessive/unusual risk of shattering, whch is increased by chipping, scratching etc. but CAN OCCUR in apparently undamaged pieces that are not abused. So I have stopped using it and recommend that my readerds find other alternatives. And I have provided the links to the info on which I based my decisions.

I recommend breaking damaged pieces because others will pull them out of trach or recycling and use them if they are not broken.


Hello again. I got a few non glass cookware pieces to start cooking. I am willing to break and dispose of my old chipped Visionware pot or other glass items (Pyrex, etc) but would like to understand a few more things something. Would someone please respond? If I used steel wool on other glassware (even if not Visionware) (like Pyrex, or even glass wine goblets, I have used it on ceramic dishes, etc, basically everything)...My question is whether that compromises the glass/product in ways that can't be seen (if there are no obious scratches, for ex) and then carries the same possible, even if small, risk of explosion? Can Pyrex explode if you use steel wool on it but it has no obvious scratches? Also, how shattered or how small do the pieces need to be? I mean, can pieces still continue to explode if you take it to be recycled and leave it in someone else's hands if they are not broken very much? Than you in advance for any responses.

Liz, Visionware is the only one I am aware of with the excess risk. Recycled glass is melted down and re-used, the only reason to break it is so it can't be used for cooking, large pieces are not the problem.

Steel wools' worst effect is a very slight roughening of whatever surface it is used on which then allows more sticking next time, try using a nonstick spray and plastic wool out of kindness to your pots and hands-

Hope this answers your question.


Hi Ellen. Thanks for responding. I understand the goal of discarding/recyling the glass is so that someone else will not be injured by capturing the item from the garbage and using the item in their kitchen, but if the item carries the possibility of spontanously exploding, I'm concerned this could happen to the people at the recycle plant, too. Does breaking it in pieces reduce the risk of further explosion? Does this make sense?

Thank you,


Enough, Liz, I can't tell you any more than I have.
I was initially considering glass cookware (in my search of pots/pans without stainless steel, aluminum, or teflon) until I saw the prices AND came across this thread. I finally ordered a large cast iron pot last night, and picked up a pre-seasoned cast iron pan, both being MUCH cheaper than any glassware, with no threat of shattering (except for whatever they hit). If I felt like spending much more I'd go for cast iron with a ceramic exterior. Seems about perfect, with no seasoning to worry about.
Hey all how does glass just explode? Can it be used on a glass electric stove cook top?
John, it doesn't "just explode", the stresses built up by the treatment to heatproof it and then repeated heating and cooling, occasional drops and bump, accumulates. Then at some point, the stresses exceed the ability of the glass to hold together, and POW it goes. This is a rare occurence! But it can happen at a time distance from the last stress, so it is most unexpected. As I have said before, one of those avoidable risks.

The Visionware was originally advertised for the smooth tops, but the manufacturers of the stoves no longer recommend it.

san chai
hi. i'm selling a set of vision cookware brandnew still in the box. let me know if anyone's interested.
email and let me know what you have and we can talk about price. Am interested.
Hi San - I'm interested also. Contact me by email and let me know what you have and how much you want for it.
I was cooking some shrimp with veggies and curry last night on my stovetop in my Visionware and with no warning at all it EXPLODED. Glass and food went flying up to 4 1/2 feet! Luckily no one was hurt, but they very easily could have been. I'm just glad I don't have any animals or kids that could have been injured. Anyway, just wanted to let others know so that they'll be careful with their Visionware and be sure not to overheat it.
You can report this to the consumer protection agency, it has happened before. it is why I no longer use or recommend visionware. Thanks for writing.
i am looking for visionware stovetop in va.
pls can u tell me witch store i can get it.
Normanda McPherson-M
I have some pieces of vision ware for sale if anyone is interested. I have a new cranberry 5 litre covered pot, used cranberry 1.5 litre saucepan with teflon coating in the bottom.
I also have a new amber colored 2.5 litre and a 1 litre with pouring spout sauce pan. I do not have tops for the sauce pans. I can sends photos if you are interested.
Normanda McPherson-M
my email address is for the people who are interested in the vision ware
I have just come home from an auction with 4 like- new pieces of vision ware! They are small pieces and have 2 covers which fit three of them. The largest is a sauce pan with spout, (2)a small frypan, (3)a casserole dish and (4)another small one with a handle. I remembered an aunt having them and being careful when cooking. But after reading your information, Ellen, I am just going to break them and deposit in the garbage. I have Grandchildren and animals and don't want any accidents. Thank for your valuable information.
JUST HAD A VISIONWARE POT EXPLODE WHILE SERVING pASTA,, I do mean explode, the fractured pieces shattered bowls that were near by. Still picking the glass out of my legs,,,,,not worth the risk to yourself and family,,get rid of this stuff!
g. barbara ball
I have a lot of the cranberry bakeware and casserole dishes that match the visionware cookware. Is there a problem with it also like exploding or some other bad thing? Thank you, Barbara
Yes, this is Visionware. The problem seems to be primarily in the pots and pans (direct heat). Do pay attention to NOT putting any hot dishes in cold or wet spots, including onto wet dish towels.
Looking for a 5 liter vision ware pot with lid
S. Tabor
The main of my cookware is visionware, corningware, and pyrex. This morning I had a pyrex dish explode sending glass shards 12 ft away. The dish had not been thermal stressed, and indeed, had been at room temp for almost an hour. I would pass it off as a fluke if it hadn't happened before a few years ago, and if I hadn't spent the day researching it.
i live in onalaska texas, better known as lake livingston. i'm looking for a place to purchase some odd pieces of vision cookware. could you please help.
Wow! My husband just broke our last "beloved" glass visions pot (without really doing anything out of the ordinary). Over the years every time a piece would break I just thought is was that we were both clutzy.....I guess we should have put 2 and 2 together when I had no luck in trying to find places to replace my broken pots. Anyway is there any sort of recall number that you know of that I could call? or class action suit etc? Luckily my 3 little kids were no where around when this happened....
We are trying to find vision cookware in our area of oceanside or southern california.
I have had my vision cookware set for about 18 years and have had no bad experiance with it at all. I love how it cooks, how you can see the food but sometimes the food sticks if I don't watch it, no problem with the clean up just use brillo pad. Have taken from the stove emptied and put in the sink and filled with water, nothing ever happened. I love my Vision Ware. Am looking for a full set for my daughter as a X-Mas gift.
Brillo is a very bad idea onVisionware, you have been lucky so far.
What exactly would cause of visionware pot to explode?

could it be certain ones were not made properly?
Sonic vibrations?
Rapid temp change?

Does the pot break apart.. or go off like a grenade for no reason? Of so where does that energy come from to send pieces flying so far? It has to comes from somewhere somehow?

Is it a chemical reaction?

Tommy this is discussed at length in the various visionware threads in this forum and in the forum archives. I have included the websites for the governemt reports in some of my replies. The pots or pans hasve shattered, sending glass flying, sometimes with no apparent cause (ie, sitting in the dishrack), sometimes after a hot pan being placed on a cold or wet surface. The explanations I have seen is a delayed stress reaction to dropping, weakness from overheating or improper cleaning, etc.

Some very serrious injuries have occured. This is why I no longer use or recommend stove top visionware.

Ellen, regarding the visionware you mentioned on 07/01/04 that there is Federal reports of serious injuries. Could you please send me the web link(s) to this kind of information? My mother uses it all the time and I would like to share this information with her. Also, are there different types of this visionware for stove top and ovenware? Thank you for your help.
Here is the url for the index for the online copies of the reports of grave injury from Visions filed at the Consumer Rroduct Safety Commission (US gov). Your tax dollars at work. The documents are pdf format, so they are slow downloads.

I am just choked...

For the past 8 years, I bought 3 sets, and I have been using the Vision Cookware and abusing a lot...

I usually burn everything I cook. Is not a single day that I don't forget something on the stove.

I got this set of pans because they are the only ones easy to clean after getting 1 inch of burning residuo on the bottom.

Gosh, am I being luck or what?????

The only incident I had, was one day I was arguing with my husband while I was closing the dishwasher. I think I put a little bit (or a lot more) pressure when closing the dishwasher and for my surprise 3 of the pots broke.

I was totally surprised not to find any store selling this product anymore.

Well, now I can understand why...

Does anyone knows a good kind of pans that I can use, that will be easy to clean after burning rice, meat, sauces...

I am just like Val. I cook alot but I do have a tendency to start other things while cooking and burn things regularly.I feel that Visions pots are the only ones I can burn and still use. I did have a new blue Corning piece of Ovenware explode but that was because I had set the baking piece on a stove burner without realizing the burner was on. I soak my Vision pots with bleach and dishwashing liquid then wipe. I am concerned now because I have young Grandchildren who like to help cook and do not want to have them injured. Anodized pots only take a few burnings before you have to discard them for foods will stick to the bottom after that. I have searched tor the ArcusinePots to no avail what type would you reccomend?
I am looking for the Vision CookWare. I am also on a limited budget. Can anyone help me?
So, Gert, I would get non-glass pans and use them with the grandkids, you are not going to be leaving the kitchen when kids are cooking.

Val, maybe it is time to look at why and when things burn. I had some trouble with scorching on an electric stove because I refused to wait for the burner to heat up on low medium, always started hot.

Looking for 2.5 qt visions amber pan with handlle, no lid needed. Used this for years for most everything from stove to micro with no problem
Looking at the government reports under “Vision Cookware” there is one report on “Visionware” and the others are Pyrex, Corele and Anchor Hocking. This is more than a “Visionware” problem it is a GLASS problem. And yes I do know someone who is now blind due to an exploding Visionware pot.
Doly, I removed your message because you posted a real phone number.l Post again with an email addrless only; posting your phone number on an open forum is NOT SAFE. Ellen
i love visionware and the pioneering ideas they have brought to the kitchen- ive got probley 25 pieces- to this day not a single mishap- i realize i am probley pushing my luck but they ARE great and easy to clean! And talk bout abuse? Ive done everything you shouldnt do ever from cleaning them with direct acetone, scraping them with a razor blade attatched to a 2foot handle, to having them glowing red hot then IMMEDIATLY cweltching them in ice water in the sink- yea im pushing it. have been laughing all this off untill reading about how mary(i think)knows a blind person crippled by vision(no pun intended-ok a little). Also heard that its manufacture was stopped due to its illigal uses in drug manufacturing. have u heard this? is that true?
quite honestly, untill reading all this, I was convinced this stuff was bulletproof. guess not.thanks for the information ellen and nice way of dealing with certain peoples thoughts. you can always out-THINK a person if you just can think to-
Dave, these were VERY popular from home lab methamphetamine- so between the explosive liabilty and that, no wonder they are gone.
And yes, I try not to act like little bunny foofoo among the field mice.
thanks ellen i was surprized to get a reply so quickly if at all! appriciate that- what part of the country may i ask are you about? just wondering because it seems sum people have a hard time even finding it, while others no problem at all. Im in denver CO and anymore its gone- thanks again
Texas. No longer here, either. I'm glad.
I have some VisionWare pots available. If anyone is interested. Please e-mail me. Thanks :)
My e-mail is
Has anyone ever seen visionware with a flower etched into it?????
Etching this glass would increase the likelihood of shattering.
J Daniel
i have no idea why people keep saying its not available for sale anymore.. I just bought brand new sets in what looks like new boxes... not like from days gone by.. anyways I bought them from corning outlet store in waterloo, NY at the premium outlets.
When they go to the outlets, they are usually off the shelves at regular stores, or headed that way. So buy all you want- they won't have them again...
Can you suggest a set of cook / bake ware that is healthy? I have heard that Teflon leaks into our food, metal leaks harmful elements like iron and such into our food. I though glass would make the most sense but am now seeing that it is dangerous. Want to do right by my family and ensure I feed their bodes with good food that is not laced with chemical residue. What is a safe pot?? Ceramic, cast iron?? Thanks
I mostly use cast iron and enameled steel. Stainless is good until you scorch and steel wool it, then can outflow a bit. If you are considering non-stick, get the new sturdier, higher temp coatings.
I have been using Visionware for many years and would like to add to my collection. I broke a lid and a saucepan through negligence but think they are absolutely great cookware. I found a store in Somerset West but the store is relatively expensive.
vision and corning wares. are they safe for ceramic cooktop ranges.someone postedthis but no answer was ever given.if not i have some visionware to sell.
Rose, you just posted day before yesterday, and it was already up in a previous thread, but again; visionware is specifically not recommended by the stove manufacturers for ceramic top stoves.
wow. just thought myself lucky this week to find several pieces of amber visionware at my local goodwill. now i'm not so sure!! i'm grateful i stumbled on to this thread.

i'm looking for glass pots to boil water and herbs for medical use.

i've gone through several glass tea pots and kettles. the visionware seemed so much sturdier though.

any suggestions?

Marie, that's why I got mone, but I have stopped osing it. The old clear pyrex pots and kettles, sometimes found on EBay, don'rt have the same "shattering" rep.
diane h.
thank you for the very helpful information about visionware. i just bought a fry pan from the local salvation army store after reading about the dangers of teflon cookware. we use a teflon fry pan for bacon and eggs at least 3x a week. when i saw the visionware fry pan, i could not believe my luck. now i will inspect for hairline cracks before using it on my stovetop. thanks, ellen! it's my first time to go to your website, but it won't be my last. more power!
Carol Mathews
I am looking for the lid to the Vision 4 quart oval dutch oven in cranberry. Please e-mail me with information on where I can purchase one.
Vera W
I would like to find the vision without the tefflon. I have all the visionware with tefflon but on my large sauce pans it is peeling off.

will some one please help me

I just wanted to share my experience with Visionsware. I had a whole set at one time bought brand new. Several of my saucepans developed cracks for no obvious reason. I had always followed recommended cleaning and cooking uses. I threw them out and continued to use my skillet and other pieces. Then, one day my dutch oven was boiling water and I heard a very loud pop sound and a whooosh. The pot had exploded into several pieces and the hot boiling water and glass went airborne. Thank goodness I was at the sink and not near the stove. To this day, it scares the heck out of me to think what could have happened to me or someone in my family. I was very lucky. I shattered all the rest of my pieces after that happened and sent them to be recycled. There are so many choices of cookware out there ,so, PLEASE think safety first and foremost for yourself and your family. God Bless.
I live in Orlando, Florida and I want to find out if someone knows where I can find Visionware here.


Angela Prew
Can you put me in touch with Ria? I am in Wynberg, S Africa, not far from Somerset West and I would like to find out urgently where she found her visionware there as I want to give a litre pot to someone for Christmas to replace a favourite which was inadvertently broken - no fault of the pot!
I am looking for new cranberry saucepans with lids.



Well thanks everyone. I have been searching for the Visionware pans for a long time and always wandered why it was not in stores in England anymore. Now I know WHY!!
I have friends using Visionware and also aunties for the past many years. finally i got have my own set which i bought in Langkawi .
My best friend's own piece cracked when she used it the first time. I still went ahead to buy it even after she told me abt her experience.
When i told my mother regarding the danger , my mother advised me to just use either for heating or storing at room temp or the fridge.. Dont mix. She treated her pyrex this way too. She said even though we can use for both , never do this. Well, my mother had very basic education so her advice is more on her experience rather than anthing else. She is 69 years old btw:)
This is very interesting. I have used the amber Visions for years with no bad results but recently I went to get two pieces that I hadn't used for a while and they were both cracked. I stumbled on this site while looking for warranty information. Does Corning no longer honor the guarantee? Has there been a recall on these items? If not, I wonder why? I recently tried to list on eBay a white Corning electric coffee pot with the Cornflower Blue design and it was rejected because of a recall. Any connection, I wonder?
Pls advise any shop in Langkawi I can buy Vision, Corning ware and other dinner sets
Wow, I was really excited to find some beautiful amber vision pots and pans- like new condition, toxin free, and exactly what my mom used to use when I was growing up, till I read all this!
Now I have some to sell! Two small/medium fry pans, and 3 pots, large medium and small with lids and appear new, no cracks, chips, or mistreatment :)
If anyone wants to buy them they can contact me at
Can anyone suggest a non-toxic pot/pan that doesn't have these issues people are reporting? Thanks!
Because a scammer cheated a reader on one of the dinnerware threads, I suggetst that buyers and sellers get togetyher on EBay posting a "Buy it now"; this helps protect both buyer and seller.
Hi,I have Pyrex Amber Visions for sale along with other pyrex and corning items. just contact me.
Philip, this is Ellen's website, and she thinks that this is an avoidable risk, and that people have the right to know about it. Tempered windows do not, as a rule, shatter without provocation, and when they do, they don't make shards. Visionware DOES shatter without provocation, sometimes explosively, and it DOES make shards. These are weel-documented facts, not stories or opinions, and the references are given.

The only posts that have had to be removed from the thread are yours, because they involve personal attacks, and I WILL NOT put up with those on my website. If you keep doing them, you will be blocked, so consider adjusting your attitude. Don't waste your time objecting to facts.

Connie B
I have a 1.5 L & 2.5 L Cranberry Vision sauce pans. Have been used once or twice. In good shape with non stick bottoms.
Connie B
Oh I forgot to say I live in Golden, CO , if you are near that would be best to not pay for shipping.
i just bought 3 pieces of visionware (amber coloredz) for about 100usd in vietnam. it is everywhere here. i am concerned now though since i have a little one and am not the risky type. if anyone wants to buy it i will bring it back on my next trip home to the USA in august. i will only sell them all together- i don't want to bother with sending to multiple places, thanks. i have one saucepan with a lid, one large pot with a lid and one skillet, no lid came with it. all new and in boxes. thanks.
Came across your site by accident. Thank you for the forum and all the informations posted.
I've 2 or 3 pieces of corning ware that I've been using for at least 20 years now, 2 of them in particular: the Le Persil La Sauge (small one for making noodle soup) and L'Echalote La Marjolaine Le Romarin (large one for family gathering). You have some postings concerning corning ware but no remark or comment about their use. My main question now is after 20 years of use should I be concern about safety issue as with Visionware? The corning wares I've are in good condition with minor scratches due to years of washing.

Any input from you would be appreciated. Thanks.

No, this problem seems to be specific to visionware.
Peggy Archer
Wow! I also found this site while looking for warranty information for Visions cookware - a cranberry 21/2 quart I've had for years cracked into three pieces while it was sitting in the cabinet.

I had no idea - I've been using this stuff for over 10 years (the cranberry was my second set of Visions). I've long since disposed of the frying pan, but now I'll break the pots, too.

Thanks for the valuable links. I feel like I've dodged a bullet here.

I've been using carbon steel frying pans - they're lighter weight than the cast iron models, and they work well. They're available at professional cooking stores.

Guess I'm sticking with those and going back to the cast iron dutch oven.

Dear everyone- I have been following your threads about visionware. I recently sold my home, which had a flat top stove,and moved into an apartment which has a standard electric coil stove. I have a complete set of amber visionware that i have used for about 6 years, great condition. I wonder if anyone knows if I can use this on a standard electric coil stove? And is this the problem with the pans ie: expolding? Thanks for your help.
Yes, you are the proud owner of a set of (potentially) exploding pans. Theoretically you could use them on the electric coil stove, but this is no longer recommended. Up to you.
Ellen, I believe the older visionware products that were made by Corning USA are a totally different product than the new stuff made by World Kitchen. WK purchased this division of Corning and the glass is made by a different process. The glass now being made is from a soda lime process. I THINK that the people having the explosion problems may have that glass, not the old Corning glass.
Suzanne, I wish that were so, but the exploding problems started 15-20 years ago according to the Consumer Product Safety Division reports.
For Sale.4pcs.Vision Amber V-150-B Bowls with grab handle.Make a reasonable offer,Ships from Nashville TN for 15.00 shipping,Thanks
Rick, no direct sales here. You can list on EBay, and announce it here.
I just bought a Vision 2.4 quart pot that will be returned tomorrow.Thank you for the information. What brand of pots/pans are safe to cook in ?
I like cast iron, enameled cast iron and stainless steel with an aluminum core. Lots of discussion on the ceramic cook top threads.
Ok, I'm sorry, but I'm reading through those Consumer Product Safety Commission documents, and this whole thing is both being blown out of proportion, as well as not entirely truthful. So far, I've read about a guy who dropped a glass pot 4 inches onto a sink, and yeah, one of the glass shards impaled his arm. He was holding the pot against his "belly" and trying to rub a smudge off. I've read about two exploding pie plates that were accidently placed on burners that were turned on - pie plates are for oven use only. I've read about some random exploding Corelleware plate. So far I see carelessness and stupidity. And very few complaints about actual Visions cookware. I've read through the first 3 of the reports.

Just for the record, I accidently put a Pyrex casserole dish on a burner that was on. It blew up. It didn't do anything awful... it just popped, and broke into several large pieces. I suppose I could have sued for emotional distress. But, it was my own stupid fault, and I'd have been embarassed to do so.

People, take some responsibility for yourselves! I think I'm going to go ahead and order the Vision cookware I wanted now... I love that stuff!

I was looking for warranty info when I came across this site..I have ahd visions cookware for about 20 years..recently a friend gave me a 3 quart pan that is slightly rounded and looks like it could be a serving piece as well as pan..I too have ceramic stove was on the burner about 10 minutes and the pan was on the burner when I turned the stove top on..I heard a loud pop and water was boiling on the burner as the bottom of the pan cracked and a small 1 inch triangle piece actully separtated from the pan

I know the pan wasnt new but had no scrtaches or nics in it..was that pan for oven use only?..if so it was my being careless to think you can only use it in any cooking situations..I thought all visians was the same material..are some only for oven use?

thanks from a novice ccok

I also meant to tell others that I use the cermic cleaner that I use to clean my stove top to get build up or stains off my visions cookware and it works very well
Visionware cracks up, sometimes explosively, with or without provocation. I no longer use it. I DO NOT recommend it, ever, for any use.
I've been using the same Visionware pots for many years and they have been wonderful. No breaking, no exploding, no problems. Before you get all worked up about what might have happened to an unlucky few, don't give up on Visionware.
I have used both Corning and Visionware for many years with no problems! Corning is made of Pyroceram, a crystalline ceramic that is made from glass, it was originally created in the 1950's when the military was looking for a surface to coat the tips of missiles that could stand extreme heat changes.

Corning was purchased by a non US company, World something, can't remember the exact name. Actual Corning Ware is no longer produced, they do make a pattern called French White and it is not the same as the Vintage Corning. Even the Corelle that they made now is limited and not the same.

I am guessing that most of the pieces that shattered had some sort of damage, maybe unnoticed by the person using them. If it cracked or chipped then yes it can explode, if it is placed on a burner without the proper amount of liquid it can explode, just as any other glass cookware can. Glass heats more quickly then metal so when cooking with it you DO NOT turn the heat to high! How many of you cook in the oven with glass baking pans? Ever notice how the heat instructions on the package are lower then for metal pans? Certainly if you put a hot glass item into water it will most likely explode, even glass baking pans!

Personally I would rather use glass then metal to cook, it is safer health wise then metal. For any of you looking to replace pieces to your sets I have GoAntiques & Tias to have a good selection of all of these as well as the Pyrex cookware!

A Jones
I have a 27 piece set of golden Vision Ware. As new condition. Please contact if interested.

I have new boxes of golden glass Vision ware. Please contact me if you are interested. Shipping and handling costs from Canada would nto be covered.

Thank you very much,

I have visionware (tan and cranberry). I have used them for 15 yrs. I was cooking vegetables on the stove in a tan vision ware pot and the entire pot exploded. It was so loud, I thought a gunshot had gone off. The pot was obliterated into small shards. My chest and feet were cut, but thankfully not my face. I was standing directly over it when it exploded. It was on medium heat. Nothing extreme. I wont use them any longer.
Thank you for talking the time to post this. Hope you have made a full recovery. This is why I ask people to break their visionware pans when they discard them; otherwise, they look fine and someone may "rescue" them and use them.
ok all thank you for the info in all respects, as its been very informative, but i know of someone whose had the visionware cooking pans for over 30 years, and never had any problems and now my wife informs me she would like a complete set for xmass , but trying to find a set of pans here in uk is very impossible, i was wondering if anyone knows where i might try to get them from! other than the states as $750.00 is a bit much as we get taxed when we order from us any help will be appreciated regards Tony
Harry Anderson
I just broke a good friends glass amber vision ware cake pan. I must find a replacement. It is 14 inches long and 9 inches wide and 2 inches deep. Will anyone tell me a resource. I understand these were made in the 70's. Thanks.
tony... go to they are having a special today on a set of Visionware... excellent price. I have had visionware for years and very happy with the product. I have had a few break on me but not because of anything someone else did wrong it was because of something I did wrong. I only cook with glass.. Good Luck finding what you want for your wife...
What year did Corning stop manufacturing the Amber Visions cookware, i.e. the last year that the Amber cookware could be found in regular department stores (not outlet) in the US?
Don't know. The company sold the tradename to a non-US manufacturer some years back...
barbara sullivan
how do you keep the visionware from sticking wiin you cook in it
Yesterday , I was boiling water with a VISIONWARE pot. I removed the pot from the stove and it exploded in mid air. I received 2nd degree burns to my thigh from the boiling water and a trip to the ER. Thankful I didn't have children near by, the glass went everywhere. BEWARE OF VISIONWARE COOK POTS. Clear pots with reddish/brown tint.
The Chapman
I have a few piece of visionware if anyone is interested. Go to, we ship world wide.
How can I tell if my visionware is the original corning "pyroceram" or if it is the newer manufactured "ceramic stoneware" made by World Kitchen?
I would also be interested in knowing which type "exploded"
Tom, both have done this.
I didn't have time to read this entire thread so I don't know if the was mentioned.
There are numerous listings on Ebay of Visionware for sale.
I don't know if they are new or used.
Before buying visionware, PLEASE consider the explosive breakage risk discussed in this thread. There are other good choices...
I live in Indianapolis,Ind. and I am looking for a visionware. Can you please help me to locate and purchase. It can be new or used.
I don't recommend it, see the thread for discussion on where to find it and why NOT to use it.
What is the difference from a pot that has teflon on the bottom and one that dosen't? can I cook on the stove with both? thanks, mary
The difference is the Teflon, which does release fluorocarbons if over heated, can scrape off into your food, and generally does not last more than a few years. On the other hand, it really does make cleanup easier for many foods. It is a long time discussion about the safety of Teflon. Both are for stovetop cooking in stovetop pans; baking pans can also be teflon coated.
Don't overheat it or heat it empty. Do clean it thoroughly and oil before first use. Don't store food in it.
I have Corning Visions cookware. I bought them when microwave ovens first came out. The smaller covered saucepan and small frying pan are teflon coated. The larger saucepan was not. I had been using it on the stove and/or in the microwave oven for years. I dropped it in the sink while cleaning it and it broke into 2 pieces; it did not shatter. MY QUESTION IS, CAN I USE THE TEFLON COATED PAN IN THE MICROWAVE OVEN? I have been and am still using the Corelle dishes and covered Corningware in the microwave for years.
Dupont, who makes Teflon, says yes, safe, as long as the pan itself is microwave safe.
I have the visions set in amber and love them. I have used all of my pans for 15 years and they still look great. I have never had a problem with them at all, no chips or cracks and I have used them a lot and not always real gently. I have tried other types of cookware over the years and have been disappointed each time. I've had teflon peel off into the food (gross), ceramic dishes that have cracked after only a couple of uses, stainless steel that's been burned beyond cleaning, and cast iron that is just too heavy for me. I always come back to my visions cookware because they seem to have the right combination of everything I need. I wish that visions had made some extra large frying pans but I purchased a second one to make up for that. I wouldn't recommend the teflon ones as that sort of defeats the purpose of having glass cookware.
Thank you. In a previous reply re teflon, you mentioned "release of fluorocabons, over heating, etc."; do those same precautions apply when used SOLELY IN THE MICROWAVE? I have never used the teflon coated pans on the stove top, do not intend to, only want to use them in the microwave.
It is the heating of the teflon, not the source of the heat, that causes the reactions. So, the effect is based on how hot you get the pan.
I was placing some cooked vegetables into a deep corningware plate and it broke into 2 jagged pieces. This has never happen before. Will corning replace this item even if I have had it for several years?
Nope, and this is why I do not recommend visionware.
I live in Canada and I have been using Vision Ware by Corning for more years then I can remember. One point that I want to stress is the importance of always keeping the heat at low or medium low. Also I have always used a trivet/heat diffuser on the stove top when cooking with these pans; those round ones with holes all over them and a wooden handle. I always do this to make sure that the heat is evenly distributed because I had noticed in the first years of use that all things, except water, have a natural tendency to stick to the bottom of all Vision Ware cooking vessels.
Despite 10 years(...or more)of use they are still just like new because I have never used them on HIGH.
I have never immerse them in soap and water while they were still hot or even warm to the touch; I have always let them cool down completely before rincing and washing them.
I remember that the product came with instructions and although I have lost them with the years and the many moves to other homes, I still remember the basic instructions concerning the medium to medium-low heat setting, and the awarness that a hot glass cooking pan or vessel must be treated with gentleness and never placed on a countertop without first putting a protective mat or a folded kitchen or tea towel to guard against the pans' reaction upon contact with a cooler surface.I had purchased my set just a few years before MicroWave cooking became very popular; but I found that they were the best thing for that specific form of food preparation.
Perhaps the newer version that is not made in North America is not quite as strong and durable as the older Vision Ware obviously is.
I am in my mid 60's now and I must say that What I dread most using now a days is any kind of electric deep frying apparatus; I keep well away from those and use a nice thick and high sided vessel that does not warp when heated at higher temps, and that just happens to be my even older Presto Pressure cooker, the one that my mom gave me as First present for my First Christmas as a young wife some 41 years ago. It's the only thing that I will use to fry my donuts in! (without the cover of course)That to, a 70's model, works just fine and beleive me that can blow up a lot more then the first generation (...80-90s'?) Vision Ware ever could.
You can find lots of Visionware on all prices, all sizes, watch out for shipping costs.
how can you get a white film color ot of the vision ware
I'm looking for a few replacement pieces of the Visions cookware. I see several on ebay that were manufactured in France. What is the difference between that Visions cookware and what was previously made here in the U.S.?
I found this site while searching to see if my Visions Cookware has any value. I know it is sold on e-bay but I don't want to have to box
it up and mail it off. After reading this thread that there is some danger I am wondering if I should just junk it. I would not want to be the cause of anyone being hurt. If there is someone who lives in the North GA
area who understands there is a chance they
explode but wants them anyway let me know. I
will give them to you if you want to meet in
a public place and pick them up. I have asorted
size pots, some small fry pans, most with lids.
Also have a 10 inch fry pan with a non stick coating on it with the lid. These are old school Visionware I have had a long time.
They have USA stamped on the handle. I will
check back to see if anyone is interested.
to fran please email me!!! love visionware!!!
Because a scammer defrauded a reader, I ask everyone please handle your exchanges un EBay for everyone's protection.
Fran, PLEASE email me. I would love to pick up the Visions Cookware. I have a roommate moving out next week and she loves my Visionsware, and I am sure she would love to have some of her own. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!
my email is
I used to like using my Visions cookware to simmer my rice- I like seeing through the pot. I assure you I was gentle with it but boy did it injure me badly. I placed it on the counter after washing it and it broke and sliced threw my hand!!!! I needed emergency surgery because it cut through my thumb and through 95 percent of my tendon. It was the worst pain of my life. Lots of hand healing and movement work with experts before I was okay. Cooking pots are meant to be metal for a reason. Please be careful...If it happened to me, It could happen to anyone.
Please be sure to report the accident to the consumer protection agency, also.
Hello all, i thought i hit a jackpot when my friend gave me his pots....till i found this forum. i love to cook and i always think watch your food cooking will be very entertaining though i never owned a visionware before. Always wants to get one but unable to find them anymore and dont want to deal with ebay, and now i know why. The pots were left behinds from his roommate. He doesn't cook himself so i am sure he doesn't know the potential risk about it. cooking is suppose to be simple, fun and the risk should be minimal if there is any. why would you want to walk on a wire if you can run on a flat land?! i just dont understand. i know some can swear by it but why take the risk? cooking should be simple. i wouldn't just want to make extra few bucks to resell this explosive bomb. ladies and gents, just break yours and recycle them before anyone gets hurt again, be social conscience. so sad that i still have yet have a single cook from the pots, now i need to brainwash myself not to think about these cool but dangerrous cook ware. ellen, nicely done, this forum really saves me and my family.
visionware, talix
Urgently looking for new or second hand vision cookware to buy (SOUTH AFRICA, town Kuruman) cellphone 083 257 4511.
Visionware or Talix heat resistant blown glass cookware.
Anyone considering ebay for buying Corning Visionware online, be very careful.

After being the successful bidder recently, I paid in full by PayPal and never received my items. This ebay seller had excellent feedback.

Anyone looking for a reliable source of health-related cookware issues, go to this Government of Canada website:
I've been simmering rice in my Corning Visions sauce pan daily for more than 20 years, always starting with my stove-top on high heat with the heating element red-hot.

On several occasions I've even totally burnt the rice by inadvertently leaving the heat on high and only realizing it after smelling smoke. When this happens I soak it in water overnight and gently scrape the contents off the bottom with a spoon and plastic scouring pad. The remaining residue will wear off in short order. My sauce pan looks like new.

Needless to say, I'm very skeptical about the truthfulness of all these horror stories about Corning visionware exploding or shattering.

Bob, go to the consumer safety government link if you are willing to inject some reality into your skepticism. You have been lucky.
Ellen, I've looked at the reports by complainants at the link kindly posted by you in this thread.

If you are aware of any reports by any US Government Agency or US-Government-authorized testing laboratory which has been able to reproduce or otherwise verfy the veracity of consumer-related issues involving Corning Visions cookware please post the links here. Thanks.

Bob ellen,

You should know that the problems with exploding Pyrex relate to the tempered glass pyrex now made in the USA. Low thermal expansion borosilicate glass cookware is still made in Europe (visionware) and Brazil (Marinex). The European visionware is sutable for cooktops. Pyrex now made in the US is just regular tempered glass, and can and does explode if you just put boiling water in it for example. It happed to me last night!

Thank you , yes. Borosilicate glass, sold for laboratory use, is safe and excellent- I have several pieces converted from chemistry to cooking vessels.
This thread is about Corning Visions cookware.

All I'm saying is that there is no credible evidence that stove-top cookware sold in the 1980s and 90's under the brand-name Corning Visions will explode or shatter under normal use.

All we have are reports of incidents submitted to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission by complainants. To my knowledge there are no such reports outside the USA even though this exact same cookware has also been sold in other countries.

I continue to use Corning Visions cookware made both in the USA and France. They are indistinguishable.

I have noticed that the complaints about Vision Cookware exploding came after 1998. That is the year World Kitchens bought this plant. The composition changed from a borosilicate to a soda type. Cost less DUH! Their attorneys have been doubletalking about this process. Buying the older cookware is the best idea. One must remember that Vision cookware requires less heat and has a residual heat load because the glass will hold heat.
Bob, I have had Canadian readers write in that this has happened to them; you don't have to convince me that you get to do whatever you want.
hi my mother had a big glass stockpot.the bottom cracked last time she used it to make soup. she had it for 20 years and she was was hartbroken. we have been trying to find her another one without much luck. can anyone help me find her another one? if you can I would be very grateful. thank you

See my comment 10/24/05 and several others following.
"It is true that many many people have used and even abused Visionware without incident. It is also true that there are well-documented cases of crippling injuries from visionware exploding without heating or abuse- yes- just sitting there and bam! without any event to cause. These accidents are on file in USA governmental safety records. I personally have seen the files.

So ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances, or you use something else. But NO MOCKING or DISSING on my website, please. "

Shirley Engelbrecht
I have used the Vision 2.5L Saucepan since 1988. However I dropped the lid the other day and it broke. Where can I get a replacement? I cook with that pot every single day of my life. I live in KwaZulu natal South Africa.
Bridgette Devin
I was actually looking to locate the manufacturer of Visionware to replace pieces my husband broke a while back . I was alarmed to read about the prospect of it exploding spontaneously however I purchased my pieces of cookware in 1986 when I got married . The pieces that Nick broke , he dropped on a ceramic kitchen floor . I still have the rest which have travelled to the UK and back and are still in service . I would only recommend that the French version be considered now as the new factory has ( as some one kindly pointed out ) changed the manufacturing material . Visionware for me is a fantastic product . I unfortunately , unable to obtain pieces here in SA but reading this thread has been most informative and enlightening . Thank you kindly for your efforts Ellen . Much appreciated .

Kind regards
Dr Bridgette Devin

Wondering if anybody has ever used a visionware dutch oven as an insert substitute in a crockpot??
I need a replacement for a saucepan that has cracked. How do I go about doing that.
Help! I'm in need of some visionware replacements. I have brain cancer and still try to keep up my home. I have broken quite a bit of glass because of my condition by either washing or putting it away. My aim, judgement and shakiness has put me in this spot. My husband complains to me that he doesn't want me to do the dishes because it is costing us in the long run and he will do them when he comes home. He works really hard and he shouldn't have to do all my housework, too. My cancer will not get better, only worse and at sometime he will have to do everything...but right now most days I feel great and this keeps me sane especially since I had to give up my job about a year ago and cannot drive because of seizures. Anyways, I need to find amber (light tan) kind. We have been married since 1987 and I know we have had it since. I live in Redwood,New York. I'm about 25 miles from Watertown, NY and the same from Ogdensburg, NY...100 miles from Syracuse, NY if that helps...I guess I cold order online if you have any suggestions..Thanks
Sharon, here is the website for buying new Visionware:

Hope this helps.

However, you might consider metal pans? Much sturdier-

Sharon, here is the website for buying new Visionware:

Hope this helps.

However, you might consider metal pans? Much sturdier-

Sharon, this is off topic, but have you looked into Dr. Burzynski, he does a different kind of cancer treatment. I've heard good things about him.

Anyway about the vision cookware. Does anyone know if they make a large stew pot? I have several pieces of visionware I bought for making herb tinctures (you need a non-metal pan for it) but am curious what the largest size they make in visionware stovetop is.

12 piece visionware in excellent condition
mccoy,marlene:: I am very interested in your 12 piece visionware set. Please send me details/photos of the items if you still have them. Email: Thanks! Gary
Folks, a scammer scammed a buyer on a direct purchase using this page. I STRONGLY suggest you go through the buy it now provision on EBay for the protection of both buyer and seller.
T L McKinley
I have VISIONWARE sets and pieces for sale. It is the OLD pyroceram material. I'm not sure WHY Corningware stopped making the OLD pyroceram material. I do know that repeat business will be difficult when your products lasts for decades or more!

I will NOT own PYREX material, a cousin to VISIONWARE. According to Corningware, the use of PYREX is far more limited and people so OFTEN confuse the two products as being the same. PYREX and VISIONWARE are not the same and cannot be used in the same ways. They LOOK very much alike but that's it.

When I read the threads of exploding glass cookware people often mention use the terms Corningware, Pyrex and Anchor Hocking interchangeably as if they are all the same. Again the products are very different and my experience has been that there is TREMENDOUS confusion as to what is what. I often wonder. Were I to examine the broken items people have in their trash, what brand name would be on it? PYREX? ANCHOR HOCKING? Visionware? I can just imagine watching people shrug and say "What's the difference?" Believe me, there's a difference.

I have been cooking with VISIONWARE for 2 years with no problems. I did DROP a pot once and was surprised that I broke it. They're pretty darn durable but they do chip and crack. I discard them if I find cracks or chips.

Having said all this, everyone must make their own decisions as to what they believe is safe. I'll never make any promises or guarantees. All I can say is that I use what I sell so if I didn't feel it was safe, I would NOT use it myself. Contact me if I can help you or with any questions.

T L McKinley
Oops. Forgot to list my email to the previous post. I only use PAY PAL and am setting up a site on EBAY this month. Again I have sets and pieces for sale.

If you have OWNED VISIONWARE that shattered, contact me as I would love to know more.

Just had a vision ware dutch oven explode while using it to make dressing for my Thanksgiving dinner. Set it on a burner on the stove top, turned burner to LOW, poured in hot (not very) butter/celery/onions mixture, added 1 1/2 cup warm broth, started adding bread and BAM, glass and dressing everywhere. Just spent the last hour cleaning kitchen and stove. I've used vision ware for many years and this is the first time this has happened. I was lucky that I wasn't injured, I guess. I still have some vision ware cookware and I'll keep using those. I'm not easily frightened and, like putting your hand too near a flame, it only takes once to be a little more cautious from then on.
I sell vision ware on eBay and always have something listed--check eBay out--wishing you all the best!
For those who have been using Vision for a long time with no issues, great! But you are peobebly on borrowed time, and sooner or later one of these items might shatter for no reason. We had the Dutch Oven pot for yearsm no damage, but a lot of heat/cooling cycles. The other day after using it, for no reason got a large crack right down the side. Luckily, it did not shatter. I suspect that if it is tapped it will complete the destruction process.
It's a false sense of safety just because you have not had a problem yet.The reports are enough to wake *most* people up. It is not worth the risk of injury to keep using this stuff. For those still using the stuff, GOOD LUCK to you.
A few days ago I was cooking buckwheat on low heat in an amber vision ware pot. I left the kitchen for a moment, heard a noise and my 3 year old screaming. I found a mound of kasha and plenty of glass everywhere. If there were hot liquid in the pot, my son who was by the table and saw what happened could have been burned; luckily he was not and luckily I was not either; I would rather not be treated while 8 mos pregnant.
Unfortunately, I recently got two more vision ware pots; looking as perfect as the first one.
I thought we could eat healthier if I get rid of teflon and cook/store foods in glass.....
I just finished cleaning my kitchen after my tan Visionware skillet exploded while I was standing by the stove frying an egg. It wasn't just a few pieces... it was completely obliterated. The largest piece might have been the width of a finger. I've experienced this before: when Visionware breaks (even when dropped), it's like it powders into tiny, fine shards of glass. It's really difficult to clean up all the little pieces, and my hands are full of tiny shards.

I'm so lucky I turned away when it happened. There is no doubt in my mind that this could blind or permanently disfigure someone.

I have a large set of Visionware that I'm considering destroying because of this. I've used it for years, but this is the second time this has happened in as many months. If anyone doubts that these explode (not just shatter), I hope they look at this site and read the posts from people like me who've watched it happen. It's terrifying. It sounds like a gunshot. There is no warning, just a sudden blast and a spray of glass.

Yes, Wilson, this is really something. If you do discard, do break it, as people do "rescue" items from the trash or recycling.
To Phillip from the UK !!!! Hahaha you are soo right and I LIVE in America and this is one litigious country . It's put there to keep people fron suing !!!Again 20 years of VisionWare and NO problems