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Tuna noodle cassorole serving 150 people
4 of us ladys are planning to make tuna noodle cassorole to serve for 150 people. how much should each person bring of the following items.
Our recipe is 25-12oz egg noodles, 50 cups shredded cheese, 25 cups corn, 50-6oz. cans tuna, 50-10.75oz. can cream of mushroom soup, 25 cups crushed potato chips.
Joy, you figured out the amounts, so don't you just want to divide them?

You need to know that large (6 pound) cans of tuna are availabke at Sam's and resaurant supply houses, as well as large cans of mushroom soup.

This is a VERY salty recipe. I would skip the potato chips and use crumbs to top, to cut the salt a little.