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Equipment Suggestions
Hi, In a few weeks I am catering a green room for a music event for my church at a local University.This is the first time for use doing this and we do not have any catering or kitchen equipment.Nor do we have a kitchen.I will be needing to rent or purchase what ever equipment needed.At this point I am looking into using disposable aluminum chafing pans.But I was wondering if you could recommend any other supplies that may be essential to pulling off a modest yet well done job?I will be feeding 30 people lunch and dinner.
The Lunch will be a cold lunch,the Dinner will most likely be hot.
Thanks for your suggestions!
For a group this size, the simplest purchases would be 2 18-20 quart electric roasters or one roaster and 2 6 quart crock pots, and you could probably borrow these.

Please tell me the ages of the group and the approximate budget, as this affects the food choices.

They are adults.And the budget is $400.Its for a rock band that's playing a music event in our town and I have to follow a Band Rider.I have some choices though,its pretty flexible.
My Dinner choices right now are Spaghetti or Chicken Tacos with Rice and beans.
This is the perfect size for the 18 quart electric roaster to function, and they are cheap.

Since it is winter, how about a hot soup with good bread, ham and cheese, etc, for lunch? Locally we can get Jones Bros. spiral ham "end pieces" (all the slices not pretty enough for the main packages) for about $2 per pound and good cheese on sale for $3 per pound. Look at the sandwich page, with the soup you would do 1/3, without, 1/2. See my beefy vegetable soup for a roaster full:

Then for supper, you could do 1/3 the sausage mozzarella bake on the spaghetti page; or 1/2 the church supper chili recipe; or the tacos- see the ttaco bar page and do 1/2 the amount for 100.