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Taco's and Hot Dogs
Inviting 306 to an open house in May. This will be a mixed crowd. Another 31 are children. 1st: What percentage of people should I expect to come from the invites?
2nd: I am thinking about 250, is 40 pounds enough burger for the taco bar and we will have nacho's also available. (80/20)
3Rd: Is 150 hot dogs appropriate?
I tried to look through your site, but didn't find what I was needing?
Gloria, how many come varies regionally and according to what group of people you invited, but the ballpark is 85% of the invitees. It sounds like you have invited almost 350 with the kids. What in the world are you opening? A business or gallery? This is way too many for anything smaller than a mansion...

how long is the party and what else is being served? Length of the party affects the food amounts. What beverages?

The info on the taco bar for 100 page has all the quantities for tacos. How do you see the nachos fitting in, how many servings and what toppings?

What are the hot dogs for? Kids today eat tacos, you don't need them for the kids if you make the taco spice mild and put the jalapenos on the side.

The usual allotment per person for meat for tacos is 1/4 pound.
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