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baby shower for 50 guests
planning an early afternoon a baby shower this summer.
menu planned:crossiants,shaved ham and turkey meats,sliced cheese tray, veggies and dip, fresh fruit bowl, potato and taco salads, punch,bottled water and of course cake. how much of each do i need?
i will be cooking all of this myself except for the cake.
If this is after lunch:

crossiants, 2 mini per person
shaved ham and turkey meats, about 10 pounds total
sliced cheese tray, 1 1/2 ounces cheese
veggies and dip, 2 ounces veggies, 2/4 cup dip
fresh fruit bowl, see fruit tray page
potato and taco salads,1/3 cup each

punch,bottled water see the beverage planning page