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Barn BBQ Wedding Reception for 250
Hi! Thanks for your website!! It has been a huge help and blessing to me in determining food and amounts!! I am doing the food for my wedding and planning on 250 people. The wedding is at two, and the reception will probably be around 3:30. My goal is to cook and freeze what I can ahead of time and have the rest bought fresh/canned. The Hot food will be in big Nesco cookers. I already have people lined up to manage and serve it that day. I am doing Pulled pork, Coleslaw, Buns, BBQ (offered on the side if they want), Baked Beans, Green Beans, Applesauce and instead of a cake I am making and freezing Cupcakes (will frost close to the wedding).
I was wondering if my quantities are correct:

-Pulled Pork: (using Pork Loin) Uncooked=80-90lbs
-Coleslaw: 50lbs
-Buns: 300-400?
-BBQ Sauce: 1.5gal
-Baked Beans: 63lbs (not sure how many gal this would be? I read somewhere that 6gal=100people)
-Green Beans: 63lbs
-Applesauce: 5gal
-Cupcakes: 300?
-Lemonade or Iced Tea: 15gal
-Coffee 4-5gal
-Hot Water for Tea or Hot cocoa: 4-5gal
-Water: 5gal

I was also wondering how long I should expect it to take to heat up the pork once it is froze? Or thaw time? Thanks so much!!

Suggest pork shoulder instead of loin, meatier and juicier.

-Pulled Pork: (using Pork Loin) Uncooked=80-90lbs- 90 OK
-Coleslaw: 50lbs- OK
-Buns: 300-400?- 400
-BBQ Sauce: 1.5gal- 3.5
-Baked Beans: 63lbs (not sure how many gal this would be? I read somewhere that 6gal=100people)-8 gallons, 5 #10 cans is one gallon
-Green Beans: 63lbs- 50 OK
-Applesauce: 5gal- OK
-Cupcakes: 300?- if one flavor, OK; if two, might add 50 more (some people will take 1 of each)
-Lemonade or Iced Tea: 15gal OK
-Coffee 4-5gal- use dinner level on he beverage page
-Hot Water for Tea or Hot cocoa: 4-5gal OK, you will have some left
-Water: 5gal-10 at least

Thaw in the fridge for at least 2 days (depends on how big the package is). Allow an hour. at least to heat, preheat the roasters 20 minutes before the meat is added, turn to 180 when it reaches 180 in the middle, stir occasionally.

Thanks so much Ellen!
I haven't done anything this big before; although I have helped with a few of my friends weddings. Just to clarify with the baked beans: I'll need 8gallons which would be about 80lbs? I am really excited, but want to be as prepared as possible! Your site has been a huge help! Thank you!!
God Bless, Rebecca
Suggest (if you are using canned beans) 4 cans per 100.