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Help with food quantities for a bike rally
Gerald Richard
Dear Ellen, I am looking to vend at a biker rally in Red River New Mexico. The attendance was 30,000 last year. The event is 5 days of 11 hour days and the last day is 4 hours. I was thinking of sausage native to Louisiana, I have a connection for purchasing. I thought of 2 different types of sausage to grill. Each type of sausage comes 5 to a package. I was also thinking of frying boudin balls which come 9 to a package. For the morning I was thinking of making beignets and coffee. I am not sure how to calculate for this event. I would really appreciate your help.
Gerald, this is a site for family and volunteer cooks, not paid pros. You can post at these pro sites:

If you have never deep-fried at an event, I will tell you it is the messiest and most dangerous type cooking in large amounts.

Thank you Ellen fo rthe site adresses. This is my first go round. Thanks for the advice on frying I appreciate you. Have a nice evening.