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Shrimp Skewers
Hi Ellen,

I am planning on grilling approximately 200 jumbo shrimp skewers for my upcoming wedding. We will prep the skewers the day before and grill the day of. Would a chafing dish be a good solution for keeping the skewers warm for 2 hours? What problems do you see with my plan?

One main problem: after 2 hours in a chafing dish, the skewers will be like shish kabob of rubber.

If I were getting beautiful jumbo shrimp, I would boil and chill them and serve on a bed of ice with cocktail sauce on the side. Not only tastier, but will save a lot of work skewering.

If not this way, at least in a sauce, such as a scampi, so they will have some chance of not being pencil erasers by the time of service...