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Pulled Pork
I am in charge of a bball tournament where we feed all teams(16) and cheerleaders and all administration coaches, refs, hosts and so on a pulled pork sandwich. Only one per person except in administration room they seem to gorge and eat probably two. The kids we are planning on for sure 307 total and they only get one sandwich. In the administration room there will be approx 156 people in and out all evening and we really dont have time to make them a sandwich and serve it they serve themselves kinda thing. But we plan on telling them one sandwich a person--last year we think one person ate 4 in one day though. Then we want to serve a sandwich in concesions for $3 to recoop a litte money from serving it to all the others. I think they would like to serve maybe 50-100 sandwichs. The coach room will have veggies, cookies and cheese dip but all the rest will be sandwich only and we pretty much serve that to the players. We came up really really short last year and could not sell any in the concessions area. Can you tell me approximately how many pounds of meat we may need for this group so we know how much to order from meat market? I am thinking some 550 maybe sandwichs. We have already ordered 100 pounds of pork butt but know that will not be enough. any help is appreciated and the sooner better.
It looks like you need 650 for your group plus whatever you want to sell. You need 1 pound raw for 3 fat sandwiches.