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how much lunch meat to get for party

I am having a party on Saturday for my son, and I want to make up a lunchmeat tray for my guests to make sandwiches with. I am having about 30 people. I was wondering how much lunchmeat I should buy. I am having Ham, Turkey and Roast Beef and also, American Cheese and Swiss Cheese. Thank you

See the quantities for 100 page and use 1/3- you want at least 5 ounces deli-sliced meats and 2 ounces sliced cheese per person plus other sides. So 10 pounds meats, 3-3 1/2 pounds, and the fixings are described in the sandwich page in Big Pots.
in a delilema
I also am having a party with a lunch meat tray. I figured that with the 60 people coming 4 pounds of each meat (turkey, ham) and 3 pounds of each cheese (american yellow) would be best. what do you think?
If this is over a meal time and the main course, you want 5 ounces of meat and 3-4 ounces of chicken per person. That is 1 pound meat for each 3 people; 20 pounds. 1 pound cheese for each 5 people; 12 pounds. If you have lots of other dishes and it is basically one of several appetizers, you might go with 10/6.
I've been asked to bring a lunchmeat tray and a separate cheese tray to a grad party. How much meat and cheese do I need for 40-50 adults and kids?
If this is the only meat, you want to allow 5 ounces of meat and 2 to 3 ounces of cheese slices per person.
I am making a lunch meat tray for a funeral dinner there will be 40 people how much meat will i need to buy?
thanks linda
Assuming you will have other meats- allow 1 pound deli sliced for each 5 persons plus 1 pound cheese slices for each 10 persons.
Boston Butt
I am going to smoke boston butts to serve 40-45 people. How many lbs. should I buy to make barbecue sandwiches for above crowd? Thanks
This shoulder cut is a good choice for this. It is also boney and fatty, and cooks down. If you are doing sliced pork in sauce, allow at least 1 pound of raw bone in for each 2 persons. If shredded/pulled, you can use about 10% less.
Cold Cut Tray

I am having a family get together Friday evening serving heavy hors d’oeuvres. There will be approximately 45 people. I am planning on having ham, turkey, roast beef and cheeses with small rolls for sandwiches. I am not sure of how much of each I should purchase. Thank you in advance for your help.

Total 5 ounces meat and 2 ounces cheese per person. You figure the split based on family tastes, and have a nice party.
I am having a birthday lunch on sunday, and serving lunch meat tray with potato salad, pasta salad, & cole slaw. How much of each do I need to serve approx. 20 people? Lunchmeats would be ham, turkey, r. beef, and corned beef.
Tou want about 6 pounds deli sliced meats, 1 gallon potato salad, 3 quarts each of the others.
How much lunch meat
We are serving 250 teens for a church luncheon. We are making hogies from french bread loaves. It will only be ham, cheese and lettuce. How much ham will we need. Also, how many loaves of bread do you think we will need. It will be a brown paper bag lunch with a bag of chips, a snack cake and a soda. Thank you very much
Teens eat almost double what regular adults eat. See the sandwich event planning page for exact info on amounts you need.
Pamela Carbo
How much meat: We are having a lunch for EMT's Police and maybe some fire fighters. about 65 to 70 people. others dishes with bread. Thank you, pamela carbo
These guy sre pretty big eaters. Allow at least 1 pound deli sliced ready to eat for each 3 people- one for each 2 would be the top end- plus 2-3 ounces sliced cheeses per person. See the sandwich event page for more info.
Amy S.
We are having 40 people for my baby's first birthday party next weekend. I plan to make hot ham sandwiches and have purchased 17 pounds of spiral-sliced honey ham (2 hams). Is that enough? This is the only meat. What's the rule of thumb for amt. of meat per person ? thanks Ellen!
Church Anniversary
We are celebrating my pastor and wife's first Church Anniversay in 2 weeks. We don't want to make a fuss over a fancy menu, just something simple. What do you suggest?
Amy, that is plenty of ham for one really hefty sandwich per person. You have about 1 pound of ready to eat meat for each 3 persons-very usual for catering plans.

Georgia, Lunch or dinner? What's the budget? And what's the weather? Some parts of the country are ready for slad lunch, others still need chili...

We are having a pot luck luncheon at work, and our department decided to make a party tray to feed about 40 people. I don't know what everyone else is bringing... could be soups/casseroles/salads/munchies, etc. I'd like to have ham, turkey & roast beef, and two types of cheeses. How much lunchmeat & cheese should I buy?
1 ounce each type cheese and 1 ounce each type meat would be plenty.
Renata Romero
I am hosting a baby shower for my daughter-in-law this Sunday. I am serving Italian Beef and rolled Krakus ham. The beef I am buying already cooked. They will slice it for me. But I am unsure of how much to buy. I am planning for about 60 people or less. Can you help me?
You want 7 ounces ready to eat per person for a party meal size entree, an ounce or two less if they will be making sandwiches out of it.
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