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Pickled Eggs
Laurie Chandler
Please help...I just made Pickled Eggs for the first time. I used a recipe from an English Pub...cider vinigar, peppercorns, whole cloves, cinnamon sticks, all spice, and 2 chili peppers.

1. What color should I expect the eggs to be when they are ready to eat (2 weeks).
2. Does the lid need to be a sealed lid? It didnt say. It just said a tight fitting lid. When I tippe them upside down to mix up the liquid and spices, some dripped out. IS IT SEALED ENOUGH so they won't rot?

Thanks for any help...I'm dying to know. I don't want to get anyone sick...but I did spend a lot of time on these already.


It is completely submerging the eggs that is important, not just the lid.

This recipe sounds like they will be sort of yellow/golden.

The USDA says for home-pickled eggs, store them refrigerated and use within 2 weeks once opened. Some recipes also suggest boiling the vinegar and spices together and cooling, before pouring onto the eggs.

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