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Time to heat lg. casserole in commercial oven
I am preparing several spaghetti casseroles (Spaghetti and meat sauce topped with Mozzarella) in half or full size disposable chafing food pans, and freezing them in a deep chest freezer. (1)What size pan is best for a hearty casserole? (2)Could I put the frozen casseroles directly in a pre-heated Vulcan commercial convection oven, or is it best to thaw them first? (3)How long will it take to bring a pre-heated oven full of frozen or cold pasta casseroles to serving temperature (160 degrees F.) ... before transferring to the steam table?
The oven has a fan as well. I forgot to ask what temperature the oven should be set at. I plan to preheat oven 25 degrees hotter (due to loss when double glass doors are open), and lower to 350 or 325 degrees after casseroles are in the oven.
On the spaghetti page, in the lasagna section, there is a guide to baking frozen, thawed and frsh made (room temP pasta casseroles. You can cook from frozen, it is faster if they are thawed. I would make half pans, easier to handle, quicker to thaw and cook.

Your oven plan is fine.

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