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Taco Bar for 100 Guests
Crystal Galvin
I am getting married February 25, 2012. I am inviting a 100 people and want to make sure I have enough to feed that many. Here is what I am coming up with, can you tell me where I need to increase or decrease please:

Rice (9LBS)
Beans (10LBS)
Taco Meat (25LBS)
Chesse (6Lbs)
Lettuce (6 heads)
Onions (4Lbs)
Tomatoes (6Lbs)
Sour Cream (7 Cups)
Pico (7 Cups)
Guacamole (8 Cups)
Queso (10 cups)
Salsa (10 Cups)

Hi, Crystal, congratulations.

There is a whole guide to taco bars for 100 on site. Your meat is close, but most of your toppings are quite short; for example for 100 people, I offer at least 6 quarts of guacamole.. Please take a look and if you have more questions, write back..

Crystal Galvin
Okay what if I increase the guacamole, pico, salsa and queso to 6 to 8 quarts. Should I increase the rice and beans as well and to how much? I know I want more cheese, onions and lettuce because that is what my family uses the most and I figured a 200 taco shells and 200 totrillas.
Crystal, please use the table, you don't need 8 quarts of all the sauces. Amounts of rice and beans are discussed, also, if those are dry weights they are OK.