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Christmas Banquet Prep
Christmas Banquet Prep
Hello. I'm re-sending this request again as I cannot find it anymore. We are going to have our Christmas banquet and this time, we are expecting around 200 adults and 25 children under the age of 12. I would like to know how much to prepare for the following: Your earliest response is so much appreciated as the banquet is in three weeks. Thank you very much.
Turkey and stuffing
Meat Pies
brocolli casserole
mashed potatoes
carrots casserole
green salad

God bless.

OK. Don't lose it this time.

Turkey- 3/4 pound whole per person
stuffing- 1/2 cup per person (see the Southern dressing recipe for 100 for help with amounts)
Ham- 1 pound per 5
Meat Pies- one small amount per person (3 ounces, a bit less than 1/2 cup
brocolli casserole- 55 raw, 48 frozen if veg only, half that in broccoli rice
mashed potatoes-100 pounds
carrots casserole-45 pounds carrots

green salad-plan for 100 table

desserts- use dessert planning table