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Self Catered Wedding for 80 people

I am planning a wedding for the summer 2006. Because my fiance is in the army and out of the country without a guaranteed date to come home, we must do as much as we can ourselves. My mother and two sisters will be a huge help with the prewedding preparation, and I can rely on many of the future inlaws for small tasks such as getting extra ice to me on the day of the wedding. There will be 80 guests (almost all family) and it will be informal and relaxed. We are doing buffet style (sit down with plastic plates and cutlery and paper napkins) grilled chicken, baked potatoes, and ceasar salad with rolls along with appetizers such as chips and salsa, crakers and assorted cream cheese spreads, and chocolate covered strawberries, and there will be wine and beer. All amounts based off your charts.

All of the items will be prepared in advance. The event will be at my mother's house with the ceremony taking place outside as will the reception. The plan is to set up the appetizers in the sun room (with 3 entrances and exits) long enough before the ceremony to allow them to reach almost room temperature so that right after the ceremony guests can get a snack and drink. In this room there will also be a drink station (with some wine, a keg of beer, and sweet tea) and the wedding cake table. There will be another drink station set up outside consisting of more wine, a keg of lite beer and more sweet tea. The appetizers will help direct anticipation away from the final setup of the meal which will be set up for serving in the kitchen. My brother in law and brother will reheat the chicken on the grill and the potatoes will be reheated in the oven. We haven't figured out how long this will take, but we expect the food to be ready in shifts to help minimize traffic in the kitchen (any tips for reheating the potatoes and chicken efficiently?- would the convection setting on the oven help to reheat all the potatoes at once or should we reheat half at a time?). The food will be set up so that 2 people can get to the oven and fridge without bumping into anyone waiting in line.

Do you have any tips for making this wedding run any more smoothly than I have planned it? Do you see anything I am overlooking? We are not hiring outside help, but given the formality and the number of people there will be to help out no one should be spending too much time away from the real action. We are trying to watch our money and my sister and mother desperately want to do this for me. We've given several large parties and bbq's for a crowd this size, just nothing quite as put together as this. For clean up we decided to go with disposables so that everything can be dumped in 3-4 big trash cans and the rest left until after the guests have left. I wanted no one washing dishes on this day!

Thanks for this website and all your help.


May your beloved come home safe and soon.

This sounds like a practical party, thanks to the size and the simple menu. I have a few specific suggestions:

Don't forget unsweetened tea and water- some folks don't do sugar. If children attend you will need lemonade or punch also. Also, one urn of coffee with the wedding cake.

Choose boneless chicken pieces, they cook faster and more evenly, can be cooked or reheated/ served in sauce and are much pleasanter to eat without spills on the dressy clothes. Get one package of veggie burgers for the non-meat eaters unless you are CERTAIN you won't need it.

Baked potatoes don't reheat well at all- either make twice baked/stuffed (a lot of work, but can be done ahead) or make scalloped potatoes, augratin potatoes, or another potato dish. A service idea is to make in a Nesco roaster pan using partially precooked potatoes, then reheat the pan in the roaster on a low heat during the ceremony. I might do one and one half of potatoes and one of a great veggie casserole.

Make a written list of ALL the chores and pickups and post-ceremony returns, who is to do each with the date and phone number, and find a nice compulsive person besides you or your mom who takes this on as their chore.

Consider buying some new trash cans with wheels, or the cardboard ones used in specialy events. You can decorate those nice clean tops.

Restaurant supply houses sell bigg better quality plasticware, it is worth it for this event. You want to allow 3 forks per person.

About 6 pounds of nuts and mints in bowls around the tables.


Thank you very much! I'm so glad to know that the baked potato idea might not work out. If you wouldn't mind me asking, how exactly would I precook the potatoes for the nesco roaster? Would I need to cook them about 30% or 50% of the way? And which size (the 18 quart I assume) roaster should I be working with? I checked them out online and found that it would probably be a great addition to my kitchen! I've also been toying with the idea of just timing the cooking of the potatoes so that they will be finished at the end of the ceremony. Nixing the whole problem of precooking and storing in the fridge. Would that be asking for disaster?

The 18 quart Nesco actually holds 4 gallons of cooked food casserole style, 16 quarts or 64 cups, which would be only about 1 serving each for this size group, and you might want more.

If you had two roasters you could cook the potatoes from scratch the day of, but if it is a casserole you would still need to do your peeling and prepping the day before and then store.

Myself, I would cook the potato chunks for creamed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, etc all the way through but just done the day or two before and coat with a bit of quality oil or melted butter, and make the sauce, refrigerate both. The day of, mix up the recipe and put in the greased oven pan and it will take about 4 hours to heat covered in the roaster at 275-300 degrees. You can reheat the second half in the regular oven so all will be done at once. Put some nicely toasted buttered crumbs mixed with Parmesan cheese on the top the last hour and watch them disappear when served.

Self Catered Wedding for 35 people
Dear Ellen,
I am planning a garden wedding reception for my daughter on July 15th for about 35 people.
I would like to do as much myself but do not want to be totally frazzled the day of. Could you help me with a workable schedule so that not all is done two days prior to the event.
The menue will be roast beef, yorkshire pudding, gravy, carrot casserole, au gratin potatoes, fried rice, cole slaw, spinach salad, macaroni salad, tossed green salad.
We will have a cupcake wedding cake and various squares for dessert. Beverages will be wine on tables, beer, non-alcoholic punch, coffee, tea and water.
What should I do two weeks, 1 week, 2 days and day of? I also need some help in figuring out what amounts to cook of each item. Thanks so much for your help, Heidi
Hi, Heidi,

This sounds like a very nice dinner, but, you have not picked an easy menu for self catering if you want to attend the wedding. I would not do the Yorkshire pudding or the fried rice, both of these are best finished right before serving and that means being in the kitchen during the wedding! There are many delicious rice casseroles that can go into the oven and be left- I have no solution on the Yorkshire pudding, except possibly consider either having the pudding and maybe the beef catered in and delivered, or hiring 1 person to come in, handle the food and serving and clean the pots after.

You should already have borrowing arrangements or rental reservations on dishes, glasses, tables and chairs, chafing dishes, crock pots, etc.

Recruit specific persons to do pickups at specific times and days for everything- you do not want to be driving around frantically. EVERYTHING SOMEONE ELSE CAN DO ARRANGE FOR THEM TO DO.

2 weeks before, buy all the non-perishables and frozens, get out every serving and cooking/mixing dish you need to use- you may need to borrow or buy addtional pots and pans. Buy the storage or freezer bags and containers and check the space in your refrig- beverages and ice need to be cold, too- one family bought a second refrig and put it in the garage- still saved over catering in. Get/ line up the coffee urn and any extra Nesco roasters or crock pots.

Make a detailed time schedule of all the cooking, times, what burner or oven, etc. You don't want to be needing 2 burners for the gravy, etc, where you need five burners and 2 ovens at the same time and you only have 4 and 1. Include the 2 days after- whoi will be returning what to where- for example, some liquor stores will allow return of unopened bottles or cases.

Food can be stored safely for 48 hours, so you can start 3 days before. Dont know what kind of casserole your carrot casserole is, but can it be mixed the day before? Add 50% more time to the cooking time if it starts refrigerated.

2 days before get the bag salad and perishables. Check the pickup list- who is getting the cake etc.

Macaroni can be boiled al dente the day before, coat with dressing to chill. Cole slaw improves made the day ahead. Augratim potatoes can be made, then cooked day of, cooking time can double if the dish is cold and lyers are deep.

You don't say what time the wedding is. Meat is basically day of, you may need second oven or Nesco roasters for all the hot food.

I casnnot overemphasize the importance of having someone besides you to oversee the kitchen the day of and handle cleanup- could be a skilled, loyal friend, or a hired person- you and your daughtewr want to be unrushed, and have time together. The $100 this might cost is a great gift to you and the bride.

Self Catered summer party -main dish only
i need a recipe for a nesco sauce/liquid to heat grilled chicken,also i need another nesco meat such as pulled pork or beef. thanks, joanie ps: the party is in 4 days,help
Self Catered PARTY 40 PEOPLE
iforgot to mention we serve magaritas so something along that line would be good but not necessary
Look at the citrus sauce on the wedding chicken recipe on big pots, or consider a marinara. Pulled pork recipe is already posted- see the pulled pork and brisket recipe thread on this forum, dated 6/14.
Self Catered birthday party for 50
I will have a house full of guest.
I will be serving marinated chicken breast on the grill, brats in beer with kraut, and many side dishes.Penne pasta with sausage chinks, cheesy hash brown casserole, baked beans and a leaf lettuce with beets, oranges and almonds.
Plus rolls with butter
How much chicken to I buy?
How many brats?
If I cook the chicken on the grill around noonor 2pm, how do I keep it hot and not dried out for 7pm??
Am I missing something??
Thank you in advance!!
Nancy :)
Self Catered husbands 60th
It's penne pasta with sausage chunks!!
I only have a few days!
Nancy :)
Nancy, you need to rethink your plan. You can't cook chicken at 2 PM and have it hot and juicy at 7 PM. You could make the wedding chicken in a roaster, or you can start grilling chicken about 5 PM.
You can make 1/3 of the recipe for sausage and mostiaciolli for 120, PLUS 2 ounces sausage per person in the kraut, plus 1 piece of chicken per person, whatever pieces of chicken you have selected.
All the other items are covered in plan for 100- use 1/2 the amount for 100 to feed 50.
I need help on how to keep 8 turkeys, sliced from getting dry. I am holding a wedding reception for 80 people and need to know how I can prepare ahead of time all the turkey and need some other possible easy to prepare main dishes.
There is a whole article on reneating/ holding sliced turkey in the holiday cooking section at the top of big pots. If that doesn't answer your question, write back.

With 8 turkeys you do not need another main dish, you will have a lot left over. 80 pounds raw is all you need for 80 people. If you want another main dish, you will need only 60 pounds raw. Ham 12 pounds thin sliced ready to eat) or a pasta and sausage or pasta ad alfredo casserole are some ideas.

Annette Cooley
I am doing a dinner for 80 how much poppy seed dressing for the salad do I need to make
I allow a gallon of thin dressing for 100, so about 3 quarts.
reheating in nesco roaster
I want to reheat breaded cooked chicken in my Nesco for a graduation party. Should I reheat it on low or should I steam it so that it doesn't dry out? The party is from 1-6 in the afternoon for 100 people. The chicken is boneless breast cut into 3-4 inch pieces currently in my freezer. Should I do a few batches instead? Thanks for your help!!
Self Catered Birthday Party for 80 people
We are hosting a Bday party for 80 people. We will be serving BBQ marinated chicken and korean style Kalbi beef. How much chicken and Beef should I purchase?
Nancy, all caterers agree that breaded anything is a poor dish to reheat. Definitely do NOT steam it, it will be impossibly soggy. A chicken in sauce such as my Dijon wedding chicken on the Big Pots page is a MUCH better choice.

Jennie, For party type portions self served, caterers plan 5 ounces cooked ready to eat beef PLUS three ounces cooked ready to eat chicken per person. You need 2 pounds lean boneless raw beef for each 5 people= 32 pounds PLUS 1 pound boneless chicken for each 4 people= 20 pounds. You can probably do a little less beef, but it depends on your side dishes..

Tammi Gavin
Beach Wedding reception THIS WEEKEND
I am helping out with a wedding on the beach this sunday. I am the Minister. Unfortunately, the Groom, my best friend is a procrastinator. He has not thought out the BBQ. I know that he is grilling chicken. I would like to know how much Italian salad dressing, (that i making home made), should be used to marinate 80 lbs of chicken? Thanx for your help in such a short time.
About 3 gallons if you use baggies. Wish you had started a new thread so this wouldn't get lost at the end of a too long thread...
How to keep boxed wine cold at reception
We are trying to figure out how to keep our boxed white wine cold for our wedding reception. We want it to look as nice as possible considering it is BOXED wine. I was thinking of freezing two slabs of marble, putting one in a rectangular tray and surrounding it with ice then putting the wine box on top of it. When the ice got melty I was going to replace it all with the second slab of marble and more ice. How long will the marble slab stay cold before the ice starts melting? Is there a more attractive way to keep the wine cold?
I am uncertain how many boxes you are talking about, but have you considered the effect of water from the melting ice on the boxes? I would buy inexpensive glass carafes and fill/refill them in the kitchen from boxes kept in the refrigerator.
Hi, were having an outside wedding for about 80 people too and i need to know about how much potato salad i should make.
You posted twice. You want 4/5 of 35 pounds of potatoes to make the salad or about 28 pounds of potatoes plus fixings.
how much macaroni uncooked should I cook for a macaroni salad for 80 people?
Look on the plan for 100 page or any of the pasta salad for 100 recipes and use 4/5 the amount.
Self Catered Wedding for 500 people
I am having ham sandwiches, meatballs, little smokies, vegetable tray that will have carrots, celery, broccoli,and cauliflower.
How much of everything will I need?
Peggy, I do not recommend self-catering wedding this size. Particularly if you have little enough experience to be unable to estimate amounts, you are asking for trouble. See the article under wedding dinner, button at the top of the main cook talk page. Never mind the food safety issues, need for a commercial kitchen, refrigeration and freezers, this event requires a MINIMUM of 4-5 cooks and 30-40 assistants/servers, even for a simple buffet style meal.

That said, all the information you need to estimate your amounts is already posted in the veggie tray article, sandwich event articles, beverage planning page and plan for 100 tables, and the appetizer planning page. I no longer do original estimates on the foods posted; I ask readers to make an estimate, post it, and let me review and comment. If you do that, I will check it for you.

need turkey for 200
How many whole turkeys do we need to bake to get around 80 lbs of turkey for sandwiches? We are planning on serving 200 people.
You want double the amount in whole turkeys up to 16 pounds, or a bit less in larger. The 12-16 pound birds are juicier. There is a turkey yield table for all kinds of cuts of turkey in the holiday cooking section at the top of big pots.
how many pounds pulled pork to feed 200 people

Could you please tell me how many pounds of pork I will need to feed 200 people. Listed below you will find my menu. Just want to make sure I have my calculations correct for each item. Thank you for your help!

Menu is:
Pulled Pork
Green Beans
Baked Beans
Hashbrown Casserole

If this is on a roll, you need 1 pound ready to eat cooked and sauced for each 4 people. Thayt is about 1 1/3 pounds raw boneless. For plating, I tend to 1 pound for 3, especially if self serve. That is 1 1/3 pounds boneless raw, also.
Self Catered Wedding for 200 people

I am wondering how many whole turkeys will it take to feed 200 people. I am also having the following items:

String Beans

There is an entire set of articles on large turkey dinners, the holiday cooking section at the top of big pots, it includes an article on precooking and reheating turkey safely, which you will need. For generous party size plates, where people will be serving themselves, I allow 1 pound raw per person.
I am self catering a dinner for 80. How many bags of frozen peas should I buy? How many pounds of carrots should I peal? HELP!
This is not complicated. You want 20-22 pounds of frozen peas for 100, so about 16-18 pounds peas. The carrots, 1 pound for 5 people.
Hello I'm making broccoli for 70+ people and am wondering if it coult be made in a Nesco. And if so how. Thanks.
Yes. You can do roasted (although it doesn't get that slightly dried, caramelly texture of oven roasted veggies; steamed; or a cassserole. You do roasted just like in the oven. Steamed, water in the bottom, a rack, and layer it in verically if it is whole, stems down. asserole (such as broccoli cheese, broccoli rice) all mixed up ahead and then heated in the thoroughly non-stick sprayed cookwell, just like an oven.
Self Catered Banquet for 200 people-no children
How many pounds of prime rib do I need?
How many pounds of Shrimp (scampi)?
How much Chicken breast?
How much rice?
How much roasted white potato?
How much baby spinach for Strawberry-pecan Salad?
How much Dressing?
How much Carrotts?
How many sodas?
Thank you for your help!!!!!
Julia since I posted all my tables in 2004, I ask my readers to make an initial estimate and post it, I will check and review. All these foods are indicated, including beverages; your biggest problem is the meats, because you have picked 3 costly, popular items, you need to allow 5 ounces ready to eat beef, 4 ounces ready to eat shrimp AND 3 ounces ready to eat chicken for each person if it is buffet service, so everyone gets the first choice. Otherwise, the folks at the end of the line will all get chicken.

You need 4 serving lines (2, 2 sided tables) minumum for this size crowd.

You need to specify, plated, self serve buffet or server buffet. You need at least 3 cooks and 12 servers, and an industrial/ commercial kitchen, if you are doing this from scratch.

Please read the wedding dinner article before proceeding.

I am having a grad party for 200 people. Would you be able to let me know how much food I would need. The menu consists of ham, rigatoni, chicken, scalloped potatoes, green beans almondine, and corn. I will be using industrial size green beans and corn.
cathy, since I posted all the plan for 100 tables and all these foods are on them, I ask people to prepare a first estimate and post, then I will check. For the two meats, allow 1 piece of chicken PLUS 4-5 ounces ready to eat ham per person to make sure everyone gets their first choice.
Self Catered Wedding for 200 people
I making food for 200 people for a wedding - were having Cream Turkey, Beef tips, egg noodles, mashed pototoes, gravy, carrots, corn, pasta salad, taco salad and dinner rolls. How much to I make of each item. HELP!
Audrey, you have to make an effort to estimate this yourself and post it so I have something to work with. The difficulty with the two entrees is, you have to make enough that everyone gets their first choice, which means you will have some of one left over. I would make about 100-110 servings of creamed turkey and 130 of beef tips.
I would make the pasta salad meatless so vegetarian guests have something to eat. 130 each on the noodles and mashed potatoes (you will probably have some noodles left over.) 130 each on the taco and pasta salad.Veggies and rolls are on the plan for 100 table.

You also need three people in the kitchen and at least 12 servers to set up, serve and clean up after 200 people.

Ellen, We are planning to serve 500 people lunch of pulled pork sandwiches, chips and drink at a benefit for a 13 year old boy who has cancer. How much pork do we need to cook and how much and how do we measure the meat for each sandwich?

Thanks, Doris

Ellen, I forgot to ask how much bbq sauce should we plan on suppying for those who want BBQ pork sandwiches?

Thanks again, Doris

There is a thread titled pulled pork you can check for a great recipe and it gives amount of sauce for 8 pounds raw meat. Use a regular size bun, not the extra large, 2 pounds raw makes 6-7 regular sandwiches. When you have cooked the pork, let it soak overnight refrigerated in the sauce- the meat soaks some up which adds flavor and bulk. Use a measuring cup to do the meat, 1/4 cup rounded, not heaped, per bun.
Have the extra BBQ sauce same as ketchup, which is listed on the condiment table of the sandwich event page.
Slaw is cheap, traditional with this sandwich and would fill out the plate...
I am self catering a wedding for 75-80 people. The bride wants:
fried chicken
stuffed pork tenderloin
mashed potatoes with cheese/sour cream/bacon
jambalya - chicken and sauage
green beans
cheese biscuits
sweet and unsweet tea
strawberry lemonade
we will also have cheese trays, fruit trays and a sweet table.
how much of each item do I need and how long in advance can it be cooked.
thanks for your help- your website is awesome
This is a usable menu for this size group. Figure it at 80 people- 4/5 of 100- since you and your staff will want to eat, also. I assume you will NOT be attending the wedding, as this menu does not allow for that.

fried chicken- have this catered in by the bride's favorite local chicken place, it is VERY tough to do with the rest of this menu.. Get 80-90 pieces
stuffed pork tenderloin- do day of. Pork does not reheat well. Finish at least 1/2 hour before slicing.
mashed potatoes with cheese/sour cream/bacon- Make freezable holdable mashed potatoes from big pots. 28-30 pounds of potatoes. You will probably have some left because of the jambalaya, but it is a cheap insurance. You will need a gravy- could be pork or chicken. Make that ahead and reheat.
jambalya - chicken and sauage- allow 1/2 t0 3/4 cup for every person

green beans- covered in plan for 100
corn- covered in plan for 100
rolls- covered in plan for 100
cheese biscuits- allow 2 per person
Real BUTTER- 3 pounds
sweet and unsweet tea- see beverage planning page
strawberry lemonade- see beverage planning page, count as a punch
A few quart pots of coffee (half decaf) would be welcome with dessert.
we will also have cheese trays, fruit trays and a sweet table.
Very nice, each is covered in a specific article on site. The first two will disappear during that hour while the company waits for the couple to get photos and change clothes.

Hi Ellen,
I am getting married Sun. 10/4 and there will be 80 guests. We are having it catered. However, we are setting up our own bar (a friend will be bartending) and will have wine beer soda and water. Can you tell me how many bags of ice would we need? Would you know how much beer we would need? We are doing the appetizers and will bring with us to the Lodge (that is not part of the catering) We are doing a variety cheese tray (w/crackers); a vegetble tray (w/dip(s)). Can you tell me for 80 people how much cheese, crackers, veggies (doing carrots, celery, grape tomatoes) and how much dip? I appreciate your help. Thank you
Cheryl, I don't need to tell you because all this is already posted; see the beverage planning page for beverages and ice, the veggie tray page for veggies and dip, and for the cheese tray see the appetizer page- basically about 1 1/2 ounces of each type per person. Use 4/5 the amount for 100.
Self Catered 30th birthday party for 130 people
Hi. Can you give me a menu idea for 130 people that will go along way and be affordable.
The least expensive buffets are Tex/Mex, Italian, or potato or taco bar. There are plenty of recipes and articles about these on this website. For 130 people, you would use 1 1/3 times the amount for 100.
potato salad for 80 people
I need to know how much stuff to purchase, to make potato salad for 80 people.
Go to any one of the eight potato salad recipes for 100 and make 4/5. The link is in the potato salad section at the top of the plan for 100 page.
Hi. I am the mother of the groom and have been asked to prepare lasagna for a self catered reception for 80. there will be ham, turkey, salmon(also by me), cabbage rolls, seafood chowder and 4 salads plus cake. how many piesces of lasagna would be nnedd.
That is a lot of entrees I would make 5 9x13 pans and expect to have some left. I would make 2 or 3 vegetarian, as there are no vegetarian entrees, unless you are sure there are no vegetarians.
How much pasta should I cook to fill a 12 quart roaster? Also, how much sauce should be allowed? Thank you
A 12 quart roaster holds about 40 people's-worth. So, up to about 5 pounds of dry pasta.
Self Catered Sweet 16 for 60 people
I was wondering how much of each of the items I am making would I need to feed 60 people.

chicken parm
Sausage & peppers
Penne Alla Vodka
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken legs (drums only)
Mozzarella sticks

Also having a chocolate fountain items to dip:
rice crispy treats

Thanks in advance for your advice. I'll be doing all the cooking, but have help in heating and setting up. Fun fun fun!

All necessary info re: choc fountains is in the choc fountain article.

Assuming this is buffet dinner and teens, this is what I would do:

chicken parm- 1 piece (about 3-4 ounces per person
Sausage & peppers, 1 pound sausage per 5, equal weight peppers and onions
Penne Alla Vodka- 1 pound dry pasta per 8
Chicken Nuggets- 6 per person
Chicken legs (drums only)-1 per person
Mozzarella sticks-4 per person
Salad- I would do something other than tossed, 3/4 the amount for 100, see the plan for 100 page.

Self Catered Luncheon for 150 people
We are doing a lunch for 150 ladies. Planning on using sirloin tip roast to make a beef bbq sandwich. I plan to cook the beef and then shred it. I found on your site it calls for using 50 pounds raw meat for 100 people. We will be using an already bottled sauce, how much sauce would be needed for 50 pounds of raw meat?

Thanks! I love your site!

50 pounds is fine for 150 sandwiches. I allow a quart of sauce for each 6 pounds of meat.
We are self catering a wedding reception for 80 people, the reception will be from 1-5pm. Can you tell me approx. how much of each item we would need to make?

Appetizers:Cocktail weiners wrapped in dough, Southweastern Egg Roll w/dipping sauce, vegatable tray & dip, Cheese & crakers, chips, pretzerls.

Dinner: Meatball, Roast Beef in gray, Italian Sausage w/peepers & onions, Mini wraps, mini sandwiches, coleslaw, macaroni salad, italian pasta salad, dinner rolls,

Desert: Wedding cake, brownie bites, Italian cookies, fruit tray.

Thanking you in advance for your help!

I would push this menu around a little:

Cocktail weiners wrapped in dough, 2 per person
Southweastern Egg Roll w/dipping sauce, 1 per person
vegetable tray & dip, I would do fruit trays here instead, better with the cheese and you need some sweet, see fruit tray page, 3 of the tray for 25
Cheese & crackers, 6-8 pounds cheese, some can be logs or spreads, and 4-5 pounds crackers
chips and pretzels, about 6 pounds
Add at least a non-alcoholic punch punch or an alcoholic and a non-alcoholic punch

Meatballs, 2 ounces per person
Roast Beef in gray, 4 ounces per person plus 1/4 gravy per person
Italian Sausage w/peppers & onions, 3 ounces per person plus equal weight onions and peppers
You need some kind of hotstarch here, maybe 5 pounds rice or spaghetti
Mini wraps, and mini sandwiches, have some vegetarian, 1 per person
coleslaw, 2 gallons
macaroni salad, 2 pounds pasta
italian pasta salad, 3 pounds pasta
dinner rolls, 1 1/2 per person, get GOOD bread
butter 3 pounds

Wedding cake, see dessert planning page for discussion of sizes
brownie bites, 2 per person
Italian cookies, 2 per person
fruit tray- move to appetizers, won't be eaten
Need dinner coffee at dessertafter the meal.

billie akers
i am having someone make chicken salad for my wedding i am having 80 - 100 people how many chicken do i need and what would be a cheap way to display it example crackers , tarts of what thanks for your help
Billie, it depends on whether this is the only meat, or one of several, whether it is over a mealtime or not. On the plan for 100 page it tells for each type event and also on the sandwich page. Small rolls or croissants are nicest and people take less chicken. Don't forget the mayo.Serve in a pretty bowl inside a larger bowl of ice. Write back with more info if the tables don't do it for you.