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Church Christmas Dinner
We are planning our Church Family Christmas Dinner for 250 adults, teens and apprx. 50 children (250 total people) and we're wondering if we have enough food planned.

100 - 120 lbs ham (spiral sliced - Costco)
75 lbs raw potatoes (scalloped)
Fresh glazed carrots 25 lbs
400 dinner rolls (Costco) How much butter?

There will also be a frozen 4 oz. slushy fruit cup served. Do you think we need a green salad?

There is a cupcake bar planned for dessert.
Thanks for your help!

Hi, you posted twice, see the other one.
nancy leavitt
Hi again! We are planning our family Christmas dinner for 250 adults, teens and apprx 35 kids (250 total) and we're wondering if we have enough food planned.

100 - 120 lb hams (spiral sliced Costco)
100lbs raw potatoes (scalloped)
fresh glazed carrots 30 lbs
400 dinner rolls Costco

There will also be a frozed 50z slushy cup of fruit. Do you think we need a green salad?

Cupcake bar for dessert.

Can you give me an approximate amount of how much butter we''ll need? Do these amounts seem right to you?

Any help would be appreciated!

Good, you improved the potato amount, they are very popular. Even a bit more would be great.

Go for 120 ham if it is bone in and expect no leftovers. Someone should serve it. If self serve, add about 10% more.

You need at least 45 pounds of carrots.

Rolls are good, 8 pounds of butter.

Instead of a salad, I would do a second veg (green or corn). How about a raisin or pineapple sauce for the ham? 1 cup per 5 people.

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