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2 turkeys in roasting bags in 1 conventional oven
I am planning on roasting two 13 lb turkeys this year. I wanted to brine them, stuff them and place them in roasting bags and then cook them side by side in my conventional oven. Any idea how this will effect the cooking time? I have read that for 2 birds that the time is around 1.5x the normal time of 15min per pound. I wasn't sure how the brining/stuffing and bags might effect that. Can you tell me?
I NEVER cook my turkeys stuffed, you either get dried breast or unsafe stuffing. I also don't use the bags.

2 in the oven has never increased my cooking time that much. I always preheat, allow about an extra half hour.

I suggest you use a thermometer.

2 turkeys in 1 conventional oven
How long would i cook 2 Turkey Breats that weight 5 Pounds each???
Just the tiny fraction longer than one; use a thermometer, pull out at 150, let sit 20-30 minutes before carving.