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Baked pastas for 75 with only 1 OVEn!?!?!
Help! Let me preface this by admittting I am a novice hobby, caterer. I have done many parties/weddings with great success but am getting nervous aobut the next.

I agreed to do a simple italian menu for a friends party appx 75 people, (lasagna, baked ziti, bread, salad, antipasti platter.)I was initially told the kitchen I will be using is great, and big and lots of everything I want. Until tonight when I got to see it.... THERE IS ONLY ONE OVEN!?!?!

My Plan B is to do the baked ziti in larger batches and cook them in a couple electric roasters. What suggestions do we have for baking/heating 5-6 pans of lasagna? I am toying with pre baking them all in the next 2 days and just stocking the oven with 4 and rotating often to get inital 4 out, and then doing the last 2 as soon as the 4 are resting before service. I fear they may dry out or turn to mush. Also thought of few other things but am not sure which will be the most successful. ANY advice is welcome!!!!

OK. Yes, you do need electric roasters. I would put the bread in one of the roasters. Do the ziti in another one, all at once. Do the lasagna in the oven, make it in large roasters 11x17 or larger, not 9x13 pans.

Pre-baking is not good for pasta dishes.

Do a great veg on top of the stove.

Thank You!!!! Last question/clarification
I was planning to do about 4 lbs of ziti pasta. If I place it all in 1 roaster will it be to thick and thus do the burned edges cold middle thing? or is that about the right amount for an 18-22qt roaster? Also if using the larger roasting pans for lasagna would I make 3?


Since the ziti is cooked, then mixed, then reheated, you can do it in one. PREHEAT the roaster at least 20 minutes before inserting the cook pan. Use a low temp (325), allow extra time, especially if it has been refrigerated once assembled. Use a thermometer to check that it makes 180 in the middle.

Use whatever size pans will fit in the oven at one time! The full chafing dish pan that is 2 1/2 inches deep is about the same as 3 9x13's.

Thank you!!!! I genuinely appreciate the time you dedicate to helping out us novices!!!
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