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Mexican Rice for 225
I am cooking a Mexican dinner for a group of 225 people.

The menu will be grilled chicken with green chili enchiladas, beef tacos (griddled to order), rice, beans chips and Pico de Gallo.

One thing that concerns me is the timing on cooking and holding the mexican rice. How far ahead can this be cooked? If it can be made early in the day what is the best way to reheat for a 6:00 pm dinner?

I have cooked for close to 100 before, but never for 250. So, any other tips you might add in terms of cooking, serving, ingredient volume etc. would also be appreciated.


Rice does not reheat well.

Use converted (Uncle Ben's) to reduce sticky issues. Do it in the oven. Turn to 180 degrees when just about done, it will hold a few hours.

If you do electric roasters, this is 3-4 roasters. Put a clean dry cotton dish towel across each top of the rice when you torn down the heat, to absorb condensation.