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Christmas Party for 18 adults
How many different varieties of appetizers for 18 adults would I need? It is a BYOB party as well. I was thinking fruit and veggie tray,deviled eggs, water chestnut wraps, tortilla rolls, bbq meatballs/sausage, sandwich tray, chips and dips, brownies, cookies, nuts, fudge and Neiman Marcus Bars. I'm not sure about how much of each item.
This is a big assortment for 18 people.

I would do 2 dozen eggs, 3 ounces meatballs per person, 2-3 water chestnuts, 2 pieces of tortilla rolls, 3 ounces fruit, 2 ounces veggies (see the fruit tray and the veggie tray pages), 2 ounces chips, 1/4 to 1/3 cup dip. The sandwiches are probably excess, how about 3 dozen mini-quiches? For sweets, small 2/3 bite size items; 2-3 small cookies, 2 small brownies, 2 small pieces fudge, 2 small bars. I might do lemon bars instead, as youhave plenty of chocolate.

thank you!