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Salad Bar
Hi. I am doing a salad bar for 160ppl. I know what I need for toppting amounts but the lettuce amounts have me freaking out a bit. My original plan was 15 heads of Romaine for Ceasar (dressed and ready to eat), 24 lb baby spinach, 24lb baby field green type lettuce, and 20 heads of iceberg. These would all be in 4 different bowls. I started buying the stuff and feel like maybe I'm doing too much. We are also haveing Italian Wedding soup, bread, and Chicken Piccata Pasta but the salad bar is the main featured food. Thanks for you thoughts. The wedding is Saturday.
Yes, this is many too many greens/lettuces; I only do about 12 pounds per 100 total. You can use twice the amount for 100 and have way plenty for 160.