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Thanksgiving Dinner for 400
Lisa Frymyer

I have prepared meals for up to 300 (pasta)

so I have elected to put together a Thanksgiving meal for 400 people to be served out of a gymnasium at our local Boys & Girls Clubs we have no kitchen available to us. We are relying on volunteers and board members to help cook the Turkeys and bring it to the gym by 5:30 on Nov. 22, Do you have any suggetions on how to accomplish this feat? Also I guesstimate that we will need about 60 10-12 lb turkeys to be cooked. What is your estimation and how do I serve it? Than you so much. Desperate in Tracy, Ca.

Hello, LIsa,

Could be a food safety disaster waiting to happen, or could be fine. You can rent combo (heat holding storage bins), chafing dishes and other heating options; look into it now.

You only have 4 hours off the heat to transport and serve the turkeys.

For 400 people, you only need 400 pounds whole turkey; 300 if many are children.

You need to specify that the meat is delivered sliced and ready to serve; it is unsafe to reheat whole turkeys.

There is a lot of useful info on this size undertaking, including safe reheating of turkey, in the holiday cooking section at the top of big pots. Read and then write back.