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easy cooking for teens
Hey, i'm 14 and my mom wants me to start making dinner sometimes for the family.. but i have no idea about what to make and i need simple things... any ideas? thanks.
This is really good practice. To the ideas below, you add a salad and a vegetable and have a really nice meal.

I use the oven for easiest dinners, here are some favorites:

Meatloaf with scalloped potatoes or baked potatoes and baked apples

Roast chicken with baked rice and broiled tomatoes- ice cream for dessert

Baked spare ribs with baked sweet potatoes with dump cake


The second easiest is with the crock pot or slow cooker, throw it in on low before you leave for school, or high for 4 hours after you get home, for a later dinner.

Many things that require some attention if cooked on the stove top, like stew or chili, are very easy and require less attention if cooked covered in the oven.

Also it is more fun to cook, if you cook the foods you like, so what do you like?

Don't know how many people you are cooking for?

ok sounds perfect! thanks.. there's 7 kids in my familly but just 2 of us living at home with my parents.. all of those sound good..
Shae and Claire
Hey Ellen, we wanted to make a really nice yet simple breakfast for 4 because we wanted to show how much we appreciate what Shae's mom has done for us...Any ideas? Thanks!
Claire and Shae
A baked egg dish would be simple. Bacon (use Hormel pre-cooked if you don't like the spatter; you just warm it and it is very crispy). Fruit salad. Toasted English muffins with jam and honey.